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The SUN Movement Secretariat is based in Geneva and is responsible for liaising with SUN Countries and ensuring the catalytic spirit of the Movement is embedded in the efforts of all actors. The Director of the SUN Movement Secretariat oversees activities in close collaboration with the SUN Movement Coordinator who is based at the same location.

The secretariat plays an important role in helping SUN Countries to track and communicate progress being made in line with the strategic objectives of the Movement. Through this, the secretariat is in a unique position to capture and share inspiring stories from across the Movement.

The secretariat also plays a facilitation role in organising regional and global workshops in collaboration with support networks that foster sharing and learning across SUN Countries.

By collecting and analysing information from SUN Countries, the secretariat is also able to inform the Movement’s stewardship on arising priorities.

Financial information

The SUN Movement Secretariat is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Human resource capacity, reporting directly to the SUN Movement Director, has been made available by France. The activity plan and budget of the SUN Movement Secretariat supports the implementation of the revised SUN Movement Strategy and the priorities identified by SUN countries in the context of the SUN Movement Roadmap 2016-2020.


Meet the team

Florence Lasbennes

Director of the SUN Movement Secretariat

Martin Eklund

Special Assistant to the SUN Movement Coordinator

Patrizia Fracassi

Senior Nutrition Analyst and Strategy Advisor

William Knechtel

Data Manager

Sergio Teixeira

Multi-stakeholder collaboration

Maria Pizzini

Policy Advisor

SUN Country Liason Team

Delphine Babin Pelliard

Liaison Team Coordinator

Fanny Granchamp

SUN Country Liaison

Alam Khattak

SUN Country Liaison

Thahira Mustafa

SUN Country Liaison

Communication and Advocacy Team

Nicole Martinez

Tri-lingual Communication

Thuy Nguyen

Communication and Digital Media

Edwyn Shiell

Advocacy and Communication

Iselin Danbolt

Communication, Publication & Design

Facilitation Team

Elena Gaino


Michel Meyer

Executive Secretary

Jean-Daniel N’cho

Administrative Associate

Yohanan Bekele

Support to the Secretariat

Jennifer Csoglei

Events Manager