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Before the SUN Movement was launched, there had been growing global recognition of the problems of undernutrition, and concern that the international system was failing to deal with it effectively. The 2008 Lancet series on maternal and child nutrition highlighted evidence about the high personal and economic costs of stunting and criticised the failure of a “fragmented and dysfunctional” international architecture to deal with it.

A number of agencies and working groups collaborated on early proposals for the SUN Movement with a “Framework for Action” and “Road Map”, both published in 2010. They highlighted the need to tackle stunting, to focus especially on the 1,000 day window of opportunity, from conception to a childs second birthday, and to embrace nutrition-sensitive approaches to tackle the underlying causes of malnutrition as well as nutrition-specific interventions to tackle its direct manifestations. They proposed that civil society, donors, UN agencies and the private sector should all collaborate to support country-led, multi-sectoral strategies to combat undernutrition. This was to be an informal partnership, and its role would be to catalyse support for countries prepared to “scale up nutrition”.

Formalisation of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement


David Nabarro, the first SUN Movement Coordinator speaks at the 2015 SUN Movement Global Gathering in Milan, Italy

Within a few months the Framework for Action had been endorsed by over 100 entities, and numerous countries came forward to participate. On the basis of a stewardship study which was conducted in 2011, SUN’s institutions became more formal. A high level Lead Group was established in 2012, supported by a Coordinator and Secretariat based in Geneva; operating under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General. A Strategy 2012–2015 was published, and together with a Revised Road Map, it provided the guiding framework for the SUN Movement.


Scaling Up Nutrition –
A Framework for Action (reprint



A Road Map for Scaling-Up-
Nutrition (SUN) (2010)
SUN Movement Revised Road
Map (2012)
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Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)
Movement Strategy
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SUN Movement Independent Comprehensive Evaluation

In mid-2014, the SUN Movement Lead Group commissioned an independent comprehensive evaluation (ICE) of the SUN Movement to assess the value it adds to efforts to scale up nutrition.

The evaluation, led by Mokoro Ltd and in collaboration with Valid International and FEG Consulting, helped examine the Movement’s efficiency, relevance and effectiveness. It looked at its institutional structures, ways of working and decision processes, and assessed the way the Movement is governed and its theory of change.

The evaluation informed a visioning exercise for the Movements future strategy to ensure that the Movement is able to sustain political attention, encourage effective policies, stimulate the mobilisation of extra resources and catalyse the achievement of significant improvements in people’s nutrition.


Inception Report (August 2014)
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Introductory Briefing
(August 2014)
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Interim Report (September 2014)
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Discussion Paper (October 2014)
Concise version
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Full paper & annexes
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Final Report (January 2015)
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Movement wide response –
Unabridged comments
Movement wide response –
Synthesis of comments
Quality Assurance Advisor
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