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Rassemblement Global Annuel 2013

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As a result of the dramatic increase in political attention to nutrition throughout 2013, SUN countries and stakeholder groups have sought to create space for more in-depth, structured interaction. The SUN Movement Global Gathering offered an opportunity for this form of interaction. Participants from SUN Countries and across the Movement came together in this workshop-style event to solve practical bottlenecks and achieve concrete results.

Participants included SUN Government Focal Points and small delegations of two additional representatives from each SUN Country. The four SUN Networks also nominated a small group of representatives to participate in the event.

The event included a review of the draft SUN Movement 2013 Progress Report. The SUN Movement Lead Group met privately on the morning of the 23 September to reflect on progress and to suggest ways in which actions could be accelerated particularly in relation to strengthening the capacity of SUN countries to deliver results at scale and to monitor progress and impact across the Movement as a whole.  The Lead Group invited high-level representatives of the 1,000 Days partnership and the co-hosts of the June 8th Nutrition for Growth event to join them for part of the meeting. It was an opportunity to establish synergies between these initiatives and the SUN Movement.

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2013 SUN Movement Global Gathering Summary