As nations work to put nutrition at the heart of their development policies, global organizations and governments are aligning support for country-led efforts. The SUN Movement brings together a diverse group of stakeholders that share a common goal—improving nutrition.

There are numerous factors that influence nutritional status—creating many opportunities to intervene and shape improvements. The SUN Movement focuses on both solutions that directly improve nutrition, such as support for breastfeeding or ensuring access to essential vitamins and minerals, as well as efforts that have a broader influence on factors that affect nutrition, such as empowering women or improving farming and marketing practices to increase access to nutrient-rich crops.

By integrating solutions across sectors and by working together, SUN seeks to create sustainable change that no one program, organization, business or government could achieve alone.

Lead Group

The SUN Movement Lead Group was established in 2012 to improve coherence, provide strategic oversight, improve resource mobilization and ensure collective accountability. Established by the UN Secretary General, members of the Lead Group are high-level leaders that represent the array of partners engaged in SUN – including Heads of State, donors, civil society, business and the UN system.

SUN Networks

The SUN Movement calls on all stakeholders to increase the effectiveness of existing programs by aligning behind national plans that address under-nutrition, and by fostering broad ownership and commitment to nutrition.

To provide effective and efficient support, stakeholders are organized into Networks that enable groups with a similar mission or focus to maintain connections with SUN countries and with each other. These Networks encourage alignment and help countries access coordinated and predictable support.

Each Network has co-facilitators from countries, organizations, businesses or agencies. Networks provide a recognizable community for new organizations to engage with the Movement and bring together expertise that helps to respond to country requests for support.

There are five SUN Networks:

Country Network;
Civil Society Network;
Business Network;
Donor Network; and
United Nations Network.

SUN Movement Secretariat

The Lead Group and Networks are coordinated and supported by the SUN Movement Secretariat (SMS). The SMS is accountable to the Lead Group, the SUN countries and the SUN Networks. The SMS, supported by dedicated task teams drawn from the Movement’s membership and ensures that the Movement’s progress is both tracked efficiently and communicated clearly. The SMS ensures that a SUN website features activities undertaken within the Movement.