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Why saying ‘let’s empower women’ is not good enough

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On 21 February 2017, Ms. Gerda Verburg, Scaling Up Nutrition Movement Coordinator and Assistant UN Secretary-General met Thomson Reuters to share the key lessons from her personal and professional life. Highlighting why, the perspectives of women are imperative and crucial to achieving sustainable development. Saying ‘let’s...

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Breaking the cycle – by Neil Buhne

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STUNTING in Pakistan is a tragedy of epic proportions; a tragedy that we can, and must, overcome. Nearly half of Pakistan’s children — 44pc — suffer from stunted growth (National Nutrition Survey 2011). This is the third highest number of stunted children in the world....

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Field visit insights from the Bardiya District of Nepal

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Sunita with her children © HERD

As Support to the Multi-Sector Nutrition Plan (MSNP) kicked off in Bardiya, Nepal, the HERD team with the support of local field supervisors paid a visit to Gulariya, Bardiya on December 3, 2016 to understand the real context of nutrition in these Disadvantaged Group (DAG)...

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