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Civil Society is Scaling Up Nutrition in Malawi with creative media

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Throughout 2014, CSONA Malawi has produced multimedia to aid their efforts in scaling up nutrition. These tools aid social mobilisation, communication and advocacy efforts for the engagement of all stakeholders. They encompass key messages to improve awareness of the underlying causes of malnutrition and to promote of good nutrition practices for the people of rural and urban Malawi.

The Civil Society Alliance in Malawi (CSONA) Malawi CSONA is a strong, sustainable, influential and prominent alliance of international and grass roots organisations in Malawi that has been established with the help of SUN MPTF funding. Concern Worldwide supports the CSONA Secretariat by providing the Secretariat service as well as technical expertise. The alliance plays a significant role in supporting the promotion and implementation of nutrition interventions for the enhancement of the nutrition agenda in Malawi. CSONA works closely with key stakeholders in nutrition at all levels which include government ministries, the Office of the President and cabinet, implementing NGOs, UN partners, the private sector, academia and community structures.


Global Day of Action Video

One significant awareness raising event held this year was the Nutrition Day of Action held during International Press Freedom Day under the theme “Extending the nutrition momentum: Fostering sustainable and equitable scaling-up of nutrition in all sectors”. This video captures highlights from the two day event.


Fighting Malnutrition: It’s Not Fun, But Together We Can Win

In addition to this event, a video entitled “Fighting Malnutrition: It’s Not Fun, But Together We Can Win” was created to help all stakeholders in nutrition to learn about stunting (chronic malnutrition). The video considers the economic impact of malnutrition, the important role of players across multiple sectors, coordination at national level. There are currently plans underway to broadcast the video on local TV stations


Tithestse Kukwinimbira

Malwai - Jirere band

This song by Jirere Band, also known as Kumbali Band, is titled “Tithestse Kukwinimbira”. Targeting the rural population of Malawi, the lyrics of this song try to explain dietary diversification by highlighting the importance of utilising locally available foods within the Malawi food groups in a bid to combat stunting and malnutrition. The song featured at the Nutrition Day of Action in May and plans are underway to further share the song at the Malawi World Food Day on 31 October 2014. The song has also been released to three local radio stations.


Umoyo Wathanzi; Msamalireni Mwana


This song by Francis Phiri, also known as Lawi, is entitled “Umoyo Wathanzi; Msamalireni Mwana”. The song calls upon those in authority including traditional, political and religious leaders and those in government, civil society and the community, to work together in promoting good nutrition of mothers and children under five, in line with the first 1,000 special days of a childs life. This song was also played at the national day of action for nutrition and released to three local radio stations. The target audience is the urban population of Malawi.

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  • William Chilufya | Nov 7, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Civil Society in Malawi, good job! keep going and soon we will get there!