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The first international Learning Route exchange among Civil Society Alliances is held in Rwanda

  |   SUN Civil Society Network

From 30 October to 5 November 2016, Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Alliance Rwanda in collaboration with SUN Civil Society Network and PROCASUR Corporation today launch the first international Learning Route exchange program among Civil Society Alliances in Rwanda. ...

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Uganda civil society engages stakeholders on revised national nutrition policy

  |   SUN Civil Society Network, SUN Country Network

On 16th March 2016, the Uganda Civil Society Coalition on Scaling up Nutrition (UCCOSUN) engaged civil society groups to contribute to the new draft National Nutrition Policy at Hotel Africana, Kampala-Uganda. The new policy is being developed to replace the Uganda Nutrition Action Plan 2011-2016.Among other...

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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation host a workshop to share and learn from SUN Countries

  |   SUN Country Network

From 3 to 5 November 2015, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation hosted a workshop with the Indonesian Government in West Java, Indonesia. Representatives came from Afghanistan, Uganda, and Turkey to;share experiences of and opportunities for successful implementation and scale up of nutrition programs agree on the priority actions...

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