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Global Food Security Journal features Stories of Change in Nutrition

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In June 2017, the Elsevier Journal Global Food Security published for the first time, a special edition dedicated to the experiential learnings of Stories of Change in Nutrition. This edition builds on the book “Nourishing Millions: Stories of Change“, launched in 2016 as part of the Stories of Change (SoC) initiative. SoC aims to foster and support such experiential learning by systematically assessing and analysing drivers of change in six high-burden contexts – Ethiopia, Zambia, Senegal, Bangladesh, Nepal and India (Odisha) – that have had some success in accelerating improvements in nutrition.

This special issue offers all sides of the nutrition story, by shedding a light on how countries have scaled up their fight against malnutrition, thus inspiring others”

Gerda Verburg, Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Coordinator.

Edited by Stuart Gillespie, Mara van den bold, Purnima Menon and Nicholas Nisbett, this special edition comprises of 10 papers which are extremely rich sources of information, highlighting local perceptions of past change and of current and future challenges. In addition, the papers serve as a source of further readings into detail about the experiences of policymakers, nutrition leaders, program managers and implementers in making decisions on what to do in real time, such as coordinating and implementing multisectoral nutrition plans in dynamic country contexts.

Stories, building on those presented in this issue, will help lead the way toward results at scale and the end of malnutrition.”

Georgina Fekete, Director – Saving Lives, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), UK.

Stories of Change articles in the Global Food Security Journal

(Vol. 13, Pages 1-88, June 2017)

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