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Leadership training in Africa strengthens the capacity of 25 inspiring nutrition champions

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From 7 to 17 March 2017, the 15th African Nutrition Leadership Programme (ANLP) was hosted at Elgro River Lodge, South Africa. The ANLP is a leadership development programme focused on enhancing the competencies and skills that individuals need to lead the planning and implementation of nutrition related interventions. Participants work in Government, Academia, and local Civil Society or international development organizations, and usually collaborate through multi sectoral working groups at both national and local levels.

Twenty-five participants were selected following a thorough application process and we are proud of the six participants on the programme who were already nutrition champions through the SUN Movement. These were, Rhobina Kwofie, SUN Government Focal Point from Zambia, Neema Shosho, Irish Aid and SUN Donor Convenor from Zambia, Ralf Siwiti, the SUN Business Network Convenor from the World Food Programme, Kwanza Simelane, from the SUN Civil Society Alliance in Swaziland, Matilda Leer, a member of the SUN academic platform in Ghana and Jean Claude Nkurunziza, REACH Facilitator and SUN Government Focal Point Support from Burundi.

The ANLP is committed to the development of both individual and organisational leadership capabilities in the broader area of nutrition on the African continent. A key concept shared during the programme was that we can all “lead from where we stand”. This video of William Kamkwamba, was shared and is a great insight to the type of inspiration fostered throughout the 10 day programme.

The ANLP stems from the European Nutrition Leadership Programme (ENLP) which began in 1997. Today, there are nutrition leadership programmes across Latin America, North East Asia, South East Asia, Oceania and the Middle East among others, in addition to the ANLP and ENLP.

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  • Jane Badham, Facilitator, ANLP | Apr 24, 2017 at

    Thank you for promoting the ANLP – our passion for developing leaders across the African continent that lead form where they stand to make a difference is what drives this programme forward. We are indeed proud that an increasing number of SUN nutrition champions are attending.

  • Christine Beinomugisha ED Global Nutrition Health &Wealth Uganda | Jun 9, 2017 at

    Thank you for all the effort to fight malnutrition in Africa while scaling up Nutrition. I am a young Nutritionist from Uganda who is heading a young company that’s set to fight malnutrition from where we stand I would so much love to attend one of these Nutrition Leadership Programmes some day so I can know how to lead my Nutrition company for the benefit of the people of Uganda esp the vulnerable groups.

    thank you once again.