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Strategic Plan provides the UN System Standing Committee on Nutrition with a new momentum

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Strategic PlanIn April 2016, the United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) launched their new Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020. The Strategy will serve as an important framework for UNSCN activities by incorporating it’s vision, role, objectives and comparative advantages.

To achieve the ambitious goals of the Agenda 2030, the coming few years will be decisive for a successful mobilization of energies and resources to engage and follow through in shaping and delivering robust work plans. In this regard, consistent with its mandate and continued interagency efforts,  the UNSCN will contribute to the global nutrition agenda along the following lines:

Strategic Objective 1: Maximise UN policy coherence and advocacy on nutrition

Strategic Objective 2: Support consistent and accountable delivery by the UN System

Strategic Objective 3: Explore new and emerging nutrition-related issues

Strategic Objective 4: Promote knowledge sharing across the UN System

Download the Strategic Plan: English

About the UNSCN

The UNSCN is a dedicated platform for open, substantive and constructive dialogue amongst UN agencies on their respective strategies and efforts related to nutrition, as well as for the formulation of aligned and joint global approaches, positions and actions to address the complex and many facets of the evolving nutrition challenges. Moreover, UNSCN benefits from a well-established and respected capacity and capability to facilitate dialogue, information and knowledge sharing amongst its members and with other stakeholders.

The UNSCN has a clearly defined mandate  – embedded in the 1977 Resolution of ECOSOC – which remains totally valid, fully pertinent and relevant. UNSCN also avails of a substantive and forward-looking vision, to articulate its contribution to the global fight against malnutrition in all its forms. Specifically, the Committee has the following functions:

  • To provide global strategic guidance and advocacy in nutrition to ensure engagement and investment at the highest level and to ensure progress towards nutrition security for all;
  • To enhance dialogue and linkages, fostering joint nutrition action, partnerships and mutual accountability between UN agencies;
  • To harmonize concepts, including methodologies and guidelines, policies and strategies in response to the nutritional needs of countries;
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange of practices, tools and needs, enhancing coherence of the global nutrition public goods agenda and identifying emerging issues;
  • To communicate on global trends, progress and results and to enhance global advocacy through networks and platforms;
  • To engage in and facilitate dialogue with stakeholders across health, food security, water and sanitation and social protection constituencies for strengthening nutrition action and mainstreaming nutrition into development policies.

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