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SUN Operationalisation Group draft recommendations for the Lead Group

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In December 2020, the SUN Movement Lead Group endorsed the SUN Movement Strategy for 2021-2025. Shortly after this, the SUN Operationalisation (OPS) Group was informally initiated by the Executive Committee (Jo Moir, Allison Oman, Tumaini Mikindo and Asma Lateef) to work with colleagues across the Movement, particularly country-based colleagues, to design and move into new ways of working that support the shift to true country ownership of the Movement, helping to accelerate implementation of SUN 3.0.

Over the last three months, the SUN OPS Group has drawn on existing expertise from across the SUN Movement, with representatives participating in four working groups playing a pivotal role in bringing their technical experts, networks and other constituency members together.  With the guidance and facilitation of an external team of experts specializing in change and project management the Operationalisation (Ops) Group, has made major progress to develop recommendations for the implementation of the strategy for SUN 3.0.  We would like to thank all those in the SUN Movement who have taken an active role to support the process.

The report [ENG|FRA|ESP] contains 13 recommendations for the Lead Group’s consideration and approval the 24th of June related to: country delivery, knowledge management, MEAL, financing as well as governance and accountability in the SUN Movement. More information about the work of the OPS group and the process to implement the strategy for SUN 3.0 can be found on the website including the reports of the different Ops group Working Groups and the original terms of reference.

We are open to feedback. In case you would like to share any comments in writing or if you would like to request a conversation, you can reach out directly to the lead independent consultant Dr. Michaela Told. Please share your comments and feedback the latest by 17 June 2021.

More information, including terms of reference, composition of the OPS  group and the timeline can be found on the website. For any questions feel free to reach out to the SUN Secretariat directly.

• Draft Report to the SUN Movement Lead Group – English | French | Spanish 

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