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Guidance Note on Integration of Nutrition in the UN Development Assistance Framework

  |   SUN UN Network

On 11 December 2017, the United Nations System Standing Committen on Nutrition (UNSCN) launched the "Guidance Note on Integration of Nutrition in The United Nations Development Assistance Framework". The purpose of this Guidance Note is to assist United Nation Country Teams (UNCTs) with the integration...

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SISN broadcasts new conceptual framework and invites stakeholders to engage

  |   SUN Country Network

On June 28th, the Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition (SISN) hosted its first webinar entitled “An Integrative Framework for Implementation Science in Nutrition”. The webinar was targeted at researchers, policy-makers, front-line implementers, nutrition students and others working in global nutrition, and aimed to promote...

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Back to the storyboard – By Stuart Gillespie

  |   Blogs

This blog by Stuart Gillespie was originally featured on the Transform Nutrition website and reflects on the special edition of the Global Food Security Journal on Stories of Change.What knowledge is needed to ride a bike? Is it enough to have a manual?  Of course not… you...

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