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Annual Progress Report 2019

Nourishing people and planet together: The power of SUN

The SUN Movement’s 61 countries and 4 Indian States share a commitment: to leave “egos and logos” behind, aligning efforts and working together to improve nutrition during the critical first 1000 days – from a mother’s pregnancy to her child’s second birthday. The Movement is built on government ownership and the understanding that factors underlying nutrition are interconnected. It is critical to bring actors together for impact at scale.

Now in its ninth year, SUN Movement countries are supported by thousands of stakeholders including a Civil Society Network of over 3,000 organisations; a SUN Business Network – including 600 small, medium, and large enterprises; 5 UN agencies representing the UN Network for SUN; and a group of international donors and foundations that form the SUN Donor Network. In 2019, Honduras was the 61st country and Madhya Pradesh the 4th Indian State to join the SUN Movement. In 2019, SUN countries have many achievements to celebrate.

We hope you are inspired by the progress and stories you read about in this report. These stories demonstrate how SUN Movement countries and stakeholders are working to improve nutrition and foster change in the right direction so that together, we will make all forms of malnutrition a thing of the past. Thank you to all supporters from SUN countries, SUN Networks and many partners who contributed to the 2019 Progress Report.

The Progress Report was officially launched at the SUN Global Gathering in Kathmandu, Nepal during the plenary titled SUN Rising: Our Progress, Our Future. Video coverage of the plenary session and launch of the report can be viewed here.

“The SUN Movement unites us around a collective ambition to eliminate all forms of malnutrition.”
Henrietta H. Fore
UNICEF Executive Director & SUN Movement Lead Group Chair

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“Nutrition is a driver of change, a builder of resilience and security, and a key to unlock intellectual capacity and socio-economic development”
Gerda Verburg
SUN Movement Coordinator

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Scaling up nutrition around the world in 2018-2019

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Latin America and the Caribbean

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