Sharing information and building on the experience of others is critical to advancing the SUN Movement. Using resources from countries and supporters across the Movement, we can learn from one another and work to create sustainable improvements in global nutrition.

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Core Resources

SUN Movement Brochure (May 2015) ENGLISH | FRENCH | SPANISH

SUN By the Numbers (May 2015) ENGLISH | FRENCH | SPANISH

SUN Movement Progress Report

The SUN Annual Progress Report provides a detailed snapshot of the progress and results towards scaling up nutrition in SUN countries and the broad evolution of the Movement. VIEW REPORTS


SUN Movement Strategy 2012-2015

The SUN Movement Strategy presents an overview of the Movement’s vision, goals and strategic approach and objectives for the period 2012-2015.

SUN Movement Road Map 2012

The 2012 SUN Road Map complements the SUN Movement Strategy 2012-2015, providing a greater level of detail on how the Movement’s members will work together to ensure impact of their collective actions on nutrition outcomes in SUN countries.

SUN Briefs

Two separate briefing series are being produced to describe how different parts of the SUN Movement are working and the experience of SUN countries.

Scaling Up Nutrition in Practice

This series presents the real-life experience of SUN countries. Each edition in the series focuses on a theme selected by SUN country government focal points for sharing their experience during a series of teleconference calls with focal points and country teams that take place every two months.

Scaling Up Nutrition in Outline

This series describes the arrangements and work of different elements of the SUN Movement. This first edition is a general introduction to the Movement. Subsequent editions will focus on each of the four global support networks.

Scaling Up Nutrition: A Framework For Action (2010)

The Scaling Up Nutrition Framework, provides an outline of the underlying framework of key principles and priorities for action to address undernutrition and mobilise increased investment in a set of nutrition interventions across different sectors.

SUN Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework

The M&E Framework encompasses the results of the Movement as set out in the SUN Movement Strategy, the revised SUN Road Map and individual planning documents, such as SUN Network Activity Plans or strategies.

M&E Framework: English | Français | Español | Русский | عربي | Português
Baseline Report:  English | Français | Español | Русский | عربي | Português

SUN Movement Overview Presentation

Download PPT English | Français | Español | Português


Additional SUN Resources

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