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SUN is a Movement which puts national priorities at the heart of global efforts to improve nutrition.

Each SUN Country has nominated a SUN Government Focal Point who acts as a key driving force for the national movement. They are supported by a multi-stakeholder platform which can include representatives of civil society, donor and United Nations agencies, business and the technical community. The multi-stakeholder platform works across sectors to embrace nutrition-sensitive approaches to tackle the underlying causes of malnutrition as well as nutrition-specific interventions to tackle its direct manifestations.

SUN Country Network

Together, the national movements of every SUN Country make up the SUN Country Network. The SUN Country Network meets through a series of SUN Network Meetings via conference call every twelve weeks and at an annual SUN Movement Global Gathering. Regional meetings take place when the opportunity arises and increasingly, SUN Countries are organising country-to-country learning exchanges amongst themselves.

Two Indian States have joined the SUN Movement

  • Maharashtra
  • Uttar Pradesh