Republic of Guinea signaled its commitment to join the SUN Movement on 28 May 2013.

With a population of eleven million, high maternal and child mortality rates and a Human Development Index rating of 167th out of 177 countries, unlocking the potential of a well-nourished and healthy country is of paramount importance for the Republic of Guinea. To illustrate this, the Minsters of Health and Agriculture as well as the Minister of Social Affairs and Women and Child Development have all pledged their commitment to the country’s participation in the SUN Movement.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation and considerable economic losses that relate to the persistence of malnutrition in the country, the government has taken corrective measures, including the creation of the Food and Nutrition Division, based in the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene. This division coordinates the management of acute malnutrition activities of the national network of nutritional rehabilitation centers of integrated health centers and hospitals in the country.

As of 2013, the government, with the support of its partners who are also resolutely committed in the fight against chronic malnutrition, is implementing a package of high impact activities to ensure the development of human capital that will underpin the future growth of the Republic of Guinea.

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Key Nutrition Statistics

  • Stunting (percentage of children under 5): 40.2%
  • Wasting (percentage of children under 5): 9.6%
  • Overweight (percentage of children under 5): 3.6%
  • Low birth weight: N/A
  • Exclusive breastfeeding: 20.5%

WHO: Nutrition Landscape Information System (NLiS)

Bringing together all existing WHO Global Nutrition Databases dynamically, as well as other existing food and nutrition-related data from partner agencies, NLIS is a web-based tool which provides nutrition and nutrition-related health and development data in the form of automated country profiles.
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FAOSTAT provides time-series and cross sectional data relating to food and agriculture for some 200 countries.
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WHO: Landscape Analysis

The country assessment in Guinea took place on 27 May – 8 June 2012. The purpose of the assessment was to guide the revision of the 2005 Politique nationale de l’alimentation-nutrition and its strategic implementation plan.
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Source de données : Enquête Démographique et sanitaires, 2012

SUN Government Focal Point

Dr. Daffe Mamady

Nutrition Program Manager
Ministry of Health

Donor Convener