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The SUN Civil Society Network (SUN CSN) is made up of national and international organisations working in various fields, including women’s empowerment, humanitarian-aid, trade unions and many others.

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Latest progress

As of October 2015, the SUN Civil Society Network (SUN CSN) membership surged to over 2,100 civil society organisations and still counting. All are engaged throughnational civil society alliances (CSAs) established in 34 SUN Countries. CSAs at country level have engaged in numerous advocacy and coordination initiatives at all levels in support of the implementation of national nutrition plans, such as targeting key audiences and decision makers in national ministries to international institutions. It is also providing support to national civil society alliances to ensure SUN Countries champion nutrition in the post-2015 framework discussions, including Niger, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia CSAs.

The SUN CSN has been actively supporting the CSAs as they become established, providing support for challenges and conflict resolution as well as facilitating the access of funding. In addition to financial resources received through the Multi-Partner Trust Fund grant, the CSN benefits from a number of in-kind support from its members and supporters to enable these provisions.

Efforts in action: The SUN CSA in Kenya successfully advocated to their Ministry of Health for a stronger nutrition component in the national health policy. The policy was revised based on their input. The Zambia CSO SUN Alliance worked to increase public perception of nutrition through media outlets, such as television/radio broadcasts, print media and social media. Madagascar SUN CSA – Hina’s advocacy efforts granted them a private audience with the Prime Minister and a commitment to hold a workshop with all ministers and donors to start discussing increased investment in nutrition. This commitment was reaffirmed by the Minister of Agriculture of Madagascar during the closing plenary of the 2014 SUN Movement Global Gathering. Malawi and Zambia CSAs have also taken part in budget analysis efforts to inform advocacy in support of increased resource mobilisation.

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Regional networks for the SUN Civil Society Network (SUN CSN) are being established, such as the formation of the Latin American Network which was initiated at the 2014 SUN Movement Global Gathering. Other regional Networks are being considered across Africa and Asia and key meetings are paving the way forward. The West Africa regional advocacy workshop for SUN CSAs organised by ACF, CSN and UNICEF and a regional launch of the 2014 Global Nutrition Report in East Africa, have helped create clear milestones for regional collaboration in the year to come.

At the global level, the SUN CSN contributed to shaping the outcomes of the Second International Conference on Nutrition in 2014. It is actively coordinating common messaging with stakeholders to influence the targets and indicators of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Increasing alignment of efforts is critical for scaling up nutrition and extends beyond collective advocacy. International NGOs are increasingly aligning the planned activities of their country offices to support the realisation of national plans and Common Results Frameworks. These are encouraging trends.

The SUN CSN is commissioning a consultancy to define civil society alignment, strengthen knowledge of current alignment status and make recommendations for improved alignment in the next phase of the SUN Movement. The sharing and learning integral to the SUN Movement has been strengthened in 2015, in large part due to the CSN efforts to collect knowledge and best practices from national and international efforts, and facilitate exchanges between national members. These capacity building efforts and sharing of good practices are facilitated through guidance notes, an advocacy tool kit (to be published in late 2015), webinars, learning exchange visits, and the twinning exchange mechanism, which is now systematically used to respond to requests for support received by the SUN CSN Secretariat. Given the rising enthusiasm around the SUN Movement, 228 requests for support were received by the CSN Secretariat (View latest request statistics), 70% of which received the requested support and the remaining are in the process of being addressed.

National civil society alliances (CSAs) have been established in 34 SUN Countries

  • 228 requests for support were received by the CSN Secretariat, 70% of which received the requested support and the remaining are in the process of being addressed
  • The formation of the Latin American Network which was initiated at the 2014 SUN Movement Global Gathering
  • The West Africa regional advocacy workshop for SUN CSAs organised by ACF, CSN and UNICEF
  • A civil society organised regional launch of the 2014 Global Nutrition Report in East Africa

The SUN CSN is guided by an elected steering group, under the leadership of a chair and vice chair, which meets electronically every month and face to face once a year. Chair, vice-chair and steering group member roles rotate every 2 years. The Steering Group appoints a representative and accountable SUN CSN Operational Oversight Committee (OOC) to oversee the day to day management of the SUN CSN’s operations. View the OOC  Terms of Reference.

The network secretariat (coordinator & country support officer) is currently hosted by Save the Children UK and receives financial support from the SUN Movement Multi-Partner Trust Fund, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and the German government in addition to network members’ contributions.

Last updated: October 2015

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Milo Stanojevich
Country Director, CARE, Peru


Katherine Richards

SUN CSN Vice Chair
Head of Hunger and Nutrition, Save the Children


Cara Flowers
SUN CSN Coordinator


Megan Pennell

SUN CSN Country Support Adviser


Cecilia Ruberto

Learning Programmes Coordinator