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Nutrition is an investment in our collective future, in the potential of individuals, communities and nations

Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The SUN Donor Network (SDN) provides a space where donors at global and country levels can work together and in collaboration with other SUN Movement stakeholders, to help improve nutrition for all, by promoting high-level political commitment for nutrition, evidence based policies and actions, more and better financing, aligned implementation, monitoring of progress and impact and the sharing of lessons learnt.  For more detailed information, visit the SDN Knowledge Platform: click here.

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Latest progress

SDN members work together to:

• SUPPORT national donor networks in SUN countries to enhance donor coordination, alignment and effectiveness of policy implementation and programme delivery, in support of national, multi-sectoral nutrition policies and actions: e.g. through sharing of guidance and advice, facilitating learning exchanges between national donor networks, encouraging high-level donor engagement on nutrition at country level etc.

• HELP STRENGTHEN the functioning and effectiveness of the SUN Movement: e.g. through financial support to global support structures, including to the Pooled Fund, processes and events, feeding into strategic planning and reviews, sharing of good practices and lessons learnt etc.

• HELP ENSURE that lessons from the SUN Movement inform and strengthen wider global and regional processes for nutrition and sustainable development and nutrition resource-tracking: e.g. Nutrition for Growth, Decade of Action, Global Nutrition Report, Committee on World Food Security policy guidance, SDGs, R4D etc.

The work of the SUN Donor Network is overseen by Senior Officials from network member organisations. Furthermore, the SDN provides progress reports to the SUN Movement Executive Committee highlighting ways in which donors are contributing to the SUN Movement Strategy and Roadmap.

The SUN Donor Network meeting, held in Malawi in July 2018, served as a platform to launch a truly global SUN Donor Network, including all global and national structures. At this launch, participants further enforced the Network’s ambitions and drive to increase learning and capacity strengthening – to better promote multi-sectoral country efforts to end malnutrition.

The SUN Donor Network has renewed their commitment to galvanise new and higher quality financing for nutrition, ensure sustained high-level political leadership, engagement and commitment at global and national levels and strengthened coordination and learning across the Network for improving the scaling up of nutrition at the country level.

The SUN Donor Network has made significant progress in building partnerships with innovative financing mechanisms, such as the Global Financing Facility, to galvanise more funding for nutrition and bringing these innovative financing mechanisms closer to SUN countries.

The Network has strengthened donor coordination structures at the country level by distributing and applying guidance and tools to improve performance and encourage more members to contribute actively towards ending malnutrition in all forms.

During the reporting period, the SUN Donor Network has successfully improved its accountability by ensuring reporting on nutrition-specific and sensitive investments – through the revision of the Corporate Social Responsibility Code for Basic Nutrition, and the development of an OECD Nutrition Policy Marker. The Marker will be reported against from 2020, based on data collected in 2019.

The SUN Donor Network has also played a key role in strengthening the SUN Movement support system, through financial support towards the newly developed “pooled fund” in support of Civil Society Alliances in SUN countries. This fund has been launched and issued its first call of proposals, after which 21 grantees have been awarded and are being implemented.

Priorities for 2018-19 are:

Globally, the Network will strive for an increase in the amount and quality of financing for nutrition from innovative financing mechanisms and all other sources, including strengthened nutrition financing capacity of SUN structures. In parallel, priority will be given to increasing accountability, transparency and reporting on nutrition financing to better understand trends and fill donor financing gaps;

Ensure there is effective, coherent and coordinated engagement of donors. This will include strengthening sustained donor leadership and action on nutrition at both global and national levels, making the best out of global opportunities and supporting a more effective governance structure;

Spread knowledge and learning between global and national Donor Network members and networks, in particular, on nutrition policy and strategy developments, investments, research and donor approaches. This also includes identifying good practices in nutrition-sensitive programming and showcasing where donor harmonisation and alignment with nutrition strategies and common results frameworks has contributed to scaling up nutrition;

Improve the coordination mechanisms and structures with the wider SUN structures, at the country level, also by strengthening capacities to increase coherent and joint actions in support of multi-stakeholder platforms and national governments.

Donor Spending

Two categories of investments were reported on:

  • Nutrition-specific (DAC code 12240); and
  • Nutrition-sensitive (methodology applied).

Donor conveners

The donor convener should be agreed among the donors and the relevant government authorities. Candidate donors are those actively engaged in the country, with a country presence and involved in financially supporting nutrition specific and/or nutrition sensitive programmes.

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Network Facilitation Team

Melanie Bruns – Lead Facilitator
Nutritionist at the Swiss Tropical and Publich Health Institute. Mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Switzerland

Anne M. Peniston – Co-Facilitator 
Chief, Nutrition Division, Bureau of Global Health United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United States

Ben Siddle – Co-Facilitator 
Policy Lead – Nutrition, Resilience Policy team, Irish Aid, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade