2014 Snapshot of SUN Business Network Progress

The SUN Business Network aims to mobilise and intensify efforts from the business community in support of the SUN Movement.

The Business Network supports SUN counties to develop their plans for integrating business in to their own country-led, multi-stakeholder, approach to improve nutrition. To do this, the network has produced a Guide to Business Engagement and provides advice to SUN country policymakers. Increasingly, SUN countries are developing plans to engage business in national plans. In 2014, there were business representatives engaged with 22 country multi-stakeholder platforms.

SBN works with over 100 companies to develop sustainable and innovative business models to address malnutrition. These members have committed to improve the nutrition of 125 million women and children, each year, by 2020. Membership is comprised of large national companies and multinationals. The network aims to ensure greater interaction between business leaders involved in SUN country efforts and the global network to share experiences and best practices. Commitments are tracked annually through the Global Nutrition Report, highlighting all of the work companies are doing to improve nutrition for employees and consumers. The network has continued to champion the role of the private sector in supporting governments’ efforts to scale up nutrition through its global advocacy activities, through high-level outreach events during the World Economic Forum, the UN General Assembly and the SUN Global Gathering, and played a coordinating role for business in the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2).

Global commitments are tracked through the Global Nutrition Report, highlighting progress made by companies each year. The SBN works with SUN countries to develop accountability mechanisms at country level. It supports building county owned and country driven mechanisms over commitments from all stakeholders. In 2014, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Zambia launched SUN Business Network strategies, which received much interest from a range of national businesses to develop commitments. In 2015, SBN will focus efforts to support Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan to develop strategies to engage business in national nutrition plans.

SBN is convened by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and further supported by an Advisory Group.

The network’s Advisory Group was established in March 2014 and brings together senior leaders from the private sector, as well as SUN, the UN Network and the Civil Society Network. The Advisory The Advisory Group provides strategic advice to the network and champions the role of the private sector in scaling up nutrition with the business community and other SUN stakeholders.

Last updated: September 2014

SUN Business Network website

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"The reality is that the innovation and creativity we need to reach sustainable, self-financing solutions for nutrition will come from business"

Justine Greening
Secretary of State, DFID

"As the co-chair of this network, I call upon all businesses present in Davos this year to join the SUN Business Network, because achieving good quality nutrition for the world is everybody’s business"

Feike Sijbesma
SBN Advisory Group co-chair and CEO of Royal DSM

Network Facilitators

Jonathan Tench

Manager, SUN Country Support

Kristina Spiegel

Company Engagement

Pia Juneja


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