2014 Snapshot of SUN Civil Society Network Progress

The SUN Civil Society Network (SUN CSN) is made up of national and international organisations working in various fields, including women’s empowerment, humanitarian-aid, trade unions and many others.

At the country level, the network supports civil society’s efforts to advocate for nutrition within the national context and to align the strategies, efforts and resources of civil society with national plans to scale up nutrition. The civil society network also works to encourage grassroots contributions in the development of national plans to scale up nutrition so that these reflect and are adapted to the needs and reality of the communities suffering from multiple burdens of malnutrition.

24 National civil society alliances (CSAs) received funding from the SUN Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF), bringing the total number of SUN CSAs to 31, 24 of which have received funding either through the SUN MPTF or through bilateral funding at the country level. These alliances bring together an estimated 1,500 organisations across the SUN Movement.

Update: As of February 2015, CSA’s are now established in 33 countries. Now, 27 CSA’s are funded through the SUN MPTF or through bilateral funding at the country level and collectively bring together an estimated 2,000 organizations across the SUN Movement. Follow the news updates below for progress and more.

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The network has proactively engaged in efforts to ensure that nutrition remains a priority in international processes and that global decision makers hear national voices. The network has coordinated discussions on how the SUN Movement networks can best support the Post-2015 Development Agenda process through the development of common messages that emphasise the importance of a multi-stakeholder approach in the framework in support of adapted countryled advocacy efforts.

A SUN CSN Global Day of Action in May 2014 underlined the network’s role in advocacy and accountability for nutrition, as well as the key role of civil society organisations (CSOs) in social mobilisation and awareness-raising on nutrition all the way to the household level. The Global Day of Action captured the energy of a vibrant and active civil society community with thousands of people participating in activities across 12 countries, including public marches, concerts, football tournaments and community gardening activities, as well as parliamentary meetings, panel discussions and commitments from politicians and candidates for parliament.

The SUN CSN is guided by an elected steering group, under the leadership of a chair and vice chair, which meets electronically every month and face to face once a year. Chair, vice-chair and steering group member roles rotate every 2 years. The network secretariat (coordinator & country support officer) is currently hosted by Save the Children UK and receives financial support from the SUN Movement Multi-Partner Trust Fund.

Last updated: September 2014

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"We believe as civil society that every woman and child has a fair chance to life and all human being have a right to adequate and nutritious food and freedom from hunger."

William Chilufya,
Coordinator of CSO-SUN Alliance in Zambia - May 2014

Network Facilitators

Milo Stanojevich

Country Director, CARE, Peru

Marie Rumsby
SUN CSN Vice Chair

Head of Hunger and Nutrition, Save the Children

Claire Blanchard

SUN CSN Coordinator

Cara Flowers

SUN CSN Country Support Officer

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