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This knowledge hub aims to be a resource for all members of the SUN Movement to get informed about COVID-19 developments, at large. It also sheds light on important links between COVID-19 and nutrition, hunger, health and food systems – by bringing together important updates, guidance, articles and opinion pieces, in its initial stage. Nutrition can’t wait!

• COVID-19 & nutrition: Information note – English │ FrançaisEspañol

• COVID-19 & nutrition: Key messages – English │ FrançaisEspañol

• COVID-19 & SUN Coordinator Gerda Verburg’s message – English | Français | Español

SUN Movement actors speak up and out

Patricia Palma
Dra. de Programas de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional (SG-SICA)

Gerda Verburg, SUN Movement Coordinator
Statement to the 73rd World Health Assembly

by Lead Group Member David Nabarro

Henrietta H. Fore
UNICEF Executive Director and SUN Lead Group Chair

10 lessons from the COVID-19 frontline for a more gender-equal world – by Katja Iversen, President and CEO Women Deliver – World Economic Forum

Sanitation and Water for All: World leaders’ Call to Action on WASH & COVID-19SWA/SUN

Let’s use this pandemic-period to re-think how we work, to put in place systemic changes needed, focusing on resilience through health, nutrition and social protection systems that leave no one behind.  Gerda Verburg, SUN Coordinator – Nutrition Connect


• Global nutrition crisis puts millions more at risk from coronavirusFinancial Times

• Coronavirus : après la pandémie, une grave crise alimentaire menace au nord comme au sudLe Monde

• Historic health assembly ends with global commitment to COVID-19 response – WHO

• Rebuilding a more resilient planet, by Karina Gould, Canada’s Minister of International Development – Thomson Reuters

• An introduction to the World Health Organization, its vital role in the fight against COVID-19, and the first-ever virtual World Health Assembly – WHO

• SUN Movement COVID-19 Webinar with Dr. David Nabarro – YouTube

Key resources

COVID-19 in SUN countries

• COVID-19 west and Central Africa: outils d’engagement communautaires/tools for community engagement – CoronaWestAfrica
La sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle préoccupe les Etats membres de l’Uemoa, dans un contexte du Covid-19 – La Nation Benin
• Belgium supports FAO in the rapid recovery of vulnerable households’ livelihoods in Mali during COVID-19 – FAO Emergencies

• Liberia releases COVID-19 food, nutrition security situation report – Daily Observer
• Chad’s storytellers take COVID prevention messages off the grid – UN News
• Les impacts immédiats du COVID-19 sur la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle dans les pays d’Afrique de l’ l’Ouest et du Sahel – FSNWG
• L’impact du COVID-19 pourrait menacer la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle au Cameroun – FAO
• L’ONU alloue 12 millions de dollars pour soutenir la réponse humanitaire et lutter contre le Covid-19 en RCA – ONU Info
• Food insecurity in West Africa could leave 43 million at risk as coronavirus hits – UN News/SUN
• Coronavirus Risks Worsening a Food Crisis in the Sahel and West Africa – Chatham House
• Covid 19 in Africa: Protecting lives and the economy – United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
• La pandémie du COVID-19 : une légitimation de la promotion de l’agriculture urbaine – Dakar Actu (Senegal)
• Lutte contre le coronavirus au Bénin: Bâtir une riposte sur la sécurité nutritionnelle – La Nation Bénin
• Post COVID-19 and food security in Nigeria – Blue Print
• COVID-19 in West Africa – Factsheet – Centre for Democracy and Development
• The Impact of COVID-19 on the Ghanaian Agri-food System and Food Supply Chain – Modern Ghana
• Number of hungry people spikes in Central Sahel as COVID19 looms – SUN / WFP
• COVID-19 virus spread prompts food insecurity fears in Africa – Cornell Alliance for Science
• Burkina Faso crisis and COVID-19 concerns highlight pressure on Sahel food security – UN News
• Using lessons from Ebola, West Africa prepares remote villages for coronavirus – Thomsons Reuters Foundation

• COVID-19 in Eastern and Southern Africa – UNICEF
• Averting a COVID-19 Disaster in Malawi and Building Back Better – CFR
• COVID-19 could deepen food insecurity and malnutrition in Africa – WHO/SUN
• African Union declaration on food security & nutrition – AU
• COVID-19 impact could be ‘disastrously high’ in poverty-stricken Malawi – UN News
• Ethiopia joint WASH, Health and Nutrition Advocacy Paper – Global Nutrition Cluster
• Covid-19 threatens to starve Africa – by Jessica Fanzo
• Mitigating COVID-19’s impact on Africa’s food systems – Africa Times
• Opinion: Protecting East Africa’s food supply during COVID-19 – Devex
• East African Community urges Partner States to prepare economic recovery plans for after COVID19 – EAC Secretariat
• If COVID-19 is not beaten in Africa it will return to haunt us all – by Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed
• Kenya unveils COVID-19 Food Plan – Kenya News
• How will COVID-19 affect Africa’s food systems? – African Arguments

• The impact of COVID-19 in the Pakistan’s food system – ACF

• An open letter to UN, G20, and national governments on COVID-19 impact on food security by Djoomart Otorbaev PM Kyrgyzstan et al. – CGTN

• Tajikistan gets World Bank financing to respond to COVID-19 Pandemic – World Bank

• How Is Central Asia Handling COVID-19? – The Diplomat

• How Agri-food Chains in Sri Lanka Fared During the Stringent COVID-19 Control Measures? – IFPRI
• Joint Statement ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture – ASEAN
• Asian Development Bank approves aid for Bangladesh’s COVID-19 Response – ADB

• What will children be eating in a post-COVID world? – An East Asia and Pacific perspective – UNICEF
• Global pandemic needs local solutions for sustainable food systems (Indonesia) – Jakarta Post
• COVID-19’s long shadow darkens the future of Southeast Asia’s food security – FAO
• Fortification of staple foods is a critical weapon in the fight against COVID-19 (ASEAN) – Nutrition Connect
• Food supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19 may lead to increased food security challenges in ASEAN – FIA Asia
• Fortification of staple foods critical weapon in Indonesia – The Jakarta Post
• NNC issues guide for local Nutrition Cluster actions for COVID-19 affected populace – NNC Philippines

• La malnutrition, les PVVIH et les enfants : ce que risque Haïti face à la Covid-19 – Le Nouvelliste
• WHO and Costa Rica preview technology pooling initiative to ensure access to COVID-19 health products for all – WHO/SUN
• Llamado a la Acción de la Red de la Sociedad Civil de Latinoamérica y el Caribe del Movimiento SUN – IDI Perú
• El desafío social en tiempos del COVID-19 – CEPAL
• CEPAL propone un ingreso básico para ayudar a la población más vulnerable a superar los efectos del COVID-19 – CEPAL/SUN
• Coronavirus (COVID-19) and food systems in Latin America and the Caribbean (Webinar) – FAO
• Guatemala estudia el impacto del COVID-19 en la nutrición – SESAN
• Latin American and Caribbean countries coordinate to support regular functioning of food systems during COVID19 crisis – FAO/SUN
• Coronavirus in Haiti: Weakened by past disasters, the country was already in crisis – The New Humanitarian
• Alerta sobre el impacto del COVID19 en la alimentación escolar de América Latina y el Caribe – FAO
• The impact of COVID-19 on school feeding in Latin America and the Caribbean – FAO
• Centroamérica unida contra el coronavirus. Plan de contingencia regional – SICA
• El hambre y la malnutrición, la otra cara del COVID-19 – Frente Parlamentario Contra el Hambre ALC
• Declaración conjunta de los Jefes de Estado y de Gobiernos de Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá y República Dominicana ante la pandemia de COVID 19 – SICA

Articles on COVID-19

• Africa: Inadequate Diets Are Making Populations Vulnerable to COVID-19 –
• Fortification of staple foods is a critical weapon in the fight against COVID-19 – Nutrition Connect
• Interim Guidance on Public Health and Social Measures for COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Operations in Low Capacity and Humanitarian Settings – IASC
• A battle plan for ensuring global food supplies during the COVID-19 crisis – by Maximo Torero Chief Economist FAO
• COVID-19: Our hungriest, most vulnerable communities face “a crisis within a crisis” – FAO

• After Covid-19, it’s in everyone’s interest to help the world’s poorest countries (Opinion) – The Guardian
• Malnutrition and epidemics are intertwined. That makes fixing food systems crucial – The Conversation
• Recommendations for maternal & child malnutrition prevention in the context of COVID19 – WFP
• The COVID-19 pandemic shows we must transform the global food system – The Guardian

More articles

• Early estimates of the indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on maternal and child mortality in low-income and middle-income countries – The Lancet
• Nutrition and Food Systems in the time of COVID-19 by Anna Lartey, SUN ExCom Member – FAO
• The coming food & nutrition crash can be averted if we act now to counter the COVID-19 crisis – Lawrence Haddad, SUN ExCom member – IFPRI
• Avoiding a COVID-created global hunger crisis – Asma Lateef, SUN ExCom member – The Hill
• As aid groups scramble to contain COVID-19, malnutrition set to increase – Gerda Verburg, SUN Coordinator – Devex
• ECOSOC informal briefing among UN system leaders – IISD
• Nutrition Sectoral and Cluster Coordination Guidance in COVID19 Contexts – Nutrition Cluster
• COVID19, Food & Nutrition Security, and Gender Equality – CARE
• Joint Statement on COVID-19 Impacts on Food Security and Nutrition – FAO/IFAD/WB/WFP
• Ministers of Agriculture joint statement – G20
• Will COVID-19 cause another food crisis? An early review – IFPRI
• Without food, there can be no exit from the pandemic – Maximo Torero (FAO) – Nature
• COVID19 Crisis & Food Systems: addressing threats, creating opportunities – by Lawrence Haddad (GAIN)
• COVID-19 and the Crisis in Food Systems – IPES-FOOD
• How to minimize the impact of COVID19 on food security – WFP
• COVID-19 and food supply: A four-pronged battle plan for countries – Nutrition Connect
• Impacts of COVID19 on food and nutrition security, poverty, and development – IFPRI
• JOHNS HOPKINS: COVID-19, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition
• Focus on COVID19 – by Devex


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