SUN Countries


Joined Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement:

Junio 2014

National multi-stakeholder platform for nutrition:

National Coordination for Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)

Country nutrition status

  • Yes
  • In process
  • No
  • Costed
  • M&E framework

National multi-stakeholder platform (MSP)

MSP annual action plan exists
Somalia has no action plan, but there is a strategy in place

Subnational nutrition coordination mechanism

Subnational MSPs exist
Subnational MSPs have annual action plans

SUN networks in-country presence

SUN Civil Society Network
SUN Business Network
UN Nutrition
SUN Academia Network
SUN Donor Network
Others: e.g. youth, parliamentarian, media

Finance for nutrition

Resource mobilization strategy exists
Budget tracking exercise done this year
Funding gaps identified this year
Domestic expenditures on nutrition tracked

Country priorities 2022

  • Developing a SUN multisectoral governance and coordination structure.
  • Developing a capacity-building plan for SUN Somalia that is informed by a needs assessment conducted at the national and subnational levels.
  • Holding an annual multisectoral nutrition learning event for nutrition stakeholders.

Progress towards SUN 3.0 Strategic Objectives (SO)


Through high-level political leadership and the engagement of parliamentarians, domestic nutrition financing has increased to 3 per cent in the last few years. This has helped integrate nutrition into the National Development Plan, raising the issue’s profile as a national priority and making it eligible for government funding. The SMAC Strategy has provided the basis for promoting harmonized nutrition advocacy across MSPs, with guidelines and messages developed to guide operationalization. Domestic food fortification guidelines have also been developed to operationalize the Food Fortification Strategy.


The UN Nutrition Network and SUN Civil Society Network have worked together to support the National Coordination for SUN in planning and implementing national nutrition priorities. The networks have joint plans and consultation forums that steer the country’s nutrition agenda. There is a lack of an institutionalized monitoring and evaluation framework for nutrition and dedicated resources need to be established. Nutrition is being strengthened and integrated (nutrition-sensitive and -specific) into primary and higher education curricula through a framework.


Multisectoral coordination, nutrition advocacy and capacity development were strengthened across SUN networks. This included providing technical support in key line ministries, improving nutrition advocacy, raising awareness in line with Common Results Framework priorities, ensuring media and parliamentarian engagement and building the capacity of nutrition stakeholders and champions, among others. Capacity-building is needed within budget-making processes to inform advocacy opportunities in the budgeting cycle and to develop technical skills among national teams that enable annual budget tracking and analysis to be undertaken.


Somalia made its Nutrition for Growth (N4G) commitment with respect to policy, financing, impact and programmes, and SUN focal points were appointed at the subnational level. A joint capacity-building/orientation workshop was held for the focal points in Mogadishu. Studies on nutrition were published in internal peer-reviewed journals, which provided fundamental evidence on nutrition governance and coordination. Multisectoral platforms were trained on nutrition governance, leadership and coordination. The training brought together multiple stakeholders from all SUN networks in the country.

2021 shared country good practice

Joint planning, learning and reflection

Bringing stakeholders together

A national learning event was held for multisectoral stakeholders, who made significant contributions as cohosts through joint planning, fundraising and concept development. Such coordinated efforts leverage funds, technical expertise and local resources to deliver a shared goal or plan.