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Joined Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement:

février 2013

National multi-stakeholder platform for nutrition:

Multisectoral Food and Nutrition Security Platform (PMSAN)

Country nutrition status

  • Yes
  • In process
  • No
  • Costed
  • M&E framework

National multi-stakeholder platform (MSP)

Date established
MSP annual action plan exists

National nutrition plan

Strategic Multisectoral Plan for Food and Nutrition Security II (PSMSAN II) 2019–2023

Advocacy and communications framework/plan

Advocacy and communications framework/plan

Subnational nutrition coordination mechanism

Subnational MSPs exist
Subnational MSPs have annual action plans

SUN networks in-country presence

SUN Civil Society Network
SUN Business Network
UN Nutrition
SUN Academia Network
SUN Donor Network
Others: e.g. youth, parliamentarian, media

Finance for nutrition

Resource mobilization strategy exists
Budget tracking exercise done this year
Funding gaps identified this year
Domestic expenditures on nutrition tracked

Country priorities 2022

  • Ensuring the Multisectoral Food and Nutrition Security Platform’s (PMSAN) devolved and decentralized entities are operational.
  • Continuing to mobilize resources for nutrition and budget tracking.
  • Re-energizing existing SUN networks and expanding networks (young people, women, journalists, parliamentarians, etc.).

Progress towards SUN 3.0 Strategic Objectives (SO)


The PMSAN’s steering committee – comprising nine policy ministers working in food and nutrition security and chaired by the Prime Minister – is a permanent policy framework to facilitate and accelerate progress on nutrition. Advocacy takes place but does not follow a pre-planned strategy. However, the PMSAN is planning to develop an advocacy and communication plan for food and nutrition security. A legal framework is in place to establish platforms in the country’s provinces and communes, with an estimated 88 per cent of devolved entities now created.


There is regular engagement in coordinating the PMSAN, which is increasing at all levels. A multisectoral monitoring and evaluation system is in place, which includes a consolidated matrix of indicators by focus area. Under the coordination of the Permanent Executive Secretariat, all stakeholders are preparing to feed into this system. Partners have fulfilled their commitments by aligning their activities with the Strategic Multisectoral Plan for Food and Nutrition Security II (PSMSAN II), which is in turn aligned with the National Development Plan. Partners have mutual responsibilities under joint projects covering key sectors (health, agriculture, social protection, water, sanitation and hygiene).


Financial tracking is under way but needs further improvement. The Permanent Executive Secretariat has chosen to prioritize capacity-building for its staff to ensure that budgets are properly and regularly monitored.


Nutrition governance systems and entities are integrated into the Government through the PMSAN (governed by presidential decree), its devolved and decentralized entities, and provincial and communal food and nutrition security platforms (governed by the Prime Minister’s order and by ministerial order, respectively). These entities are funded by the Government, particularly in terms of their running costs. However, other development partners also provide financial support for the delivery of certain activities.

2021 shared country good practice

Devolving and decentralizing the PMSAN

Multisectoral coordination

Establishing devolved and decentralized entities of the PMSAN to improve multisectoral governance at all levels, in particular through provincial and communal food and nutrition security platforms (governed by Prime Minister’s order and by ministerial order, respectively).