SUN Countries


Joined Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement:

mars 2011

National multi-stakeholder platform for nutrition:

National Multi-Sector Technical Nutrition Committee

Country nutrition status

  • Yes
  • In process
  • No
  • Costed
  • M&E framework

National multi-stakeholder platform (MSP)

MSP annual action plan exists

Subnational nutrition coordination mechanism

Subnational MSPs exist
Subnational MSPs have annual action plans

SUN networks in-country presence

SUN Civil Society Network
SUN Business Network
UN Nutrition
SUN Academia Network
SUN Donor Network
Others: e.g. youth, parliamentarian, media

Finance for nutrition

Resource mobilization strategy exists
Budget tracking exercise done this year
Funding gaps identified this year
Domestic expenditures on nutrition tracked

Country priorities 2022

  • Reviewing the Multi-sector Nutrition Policy and costed plan.
  • Enacting the food and nutrition bill.
  • Finalizing the local Resource Mobilization Strategy.

Progress towards SUN 3.0 Strategic Objectives (SO)


The National Nutrition Policy and Strategic Plan has been revised and aligned with the Third Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS III), which revised the national nutrition programme. A bill on food and nutrition has been drafted for which consultations have been held with various stakeholders. Further actions that have been carried out include the development and launch of NECS II and the Right Food and Healthy Living Guide for the prevention and treatment of nutrition-related non-communicable diseases, the development of a nutrition strategy and the development of sustainable development and environmental policies, but more work is still required.


Malawi has made great progress in nutrition policy development, but further work is needed to establish a technical working group on monitoring and evaluation to support systems strengthening. The impact of the policy paper will therefore be used to further develop national priority actions.


The participation of the SUN coordinator in high-level nutrition advocacy conferences and the involvement of the Minister of Finance have helped the country allocate resources to nutrition and increase advocacy initiatives. Further capacity-building work will be undertaken to identify funding gaps and strengthen the country’s capacity to monitor the system.


Ensuring such governance of the SUN Business Network has been exceptional, with the network managing to host two high-level meetings, one of which involved the Minister of Public Health to launch renewed SUN efforts for its third phase and was attended by the President, Vice-President, Cabinet ministers, senior government officials, the SUN coordinator and development partners. Since the event, there have been ongoing advocacy efforts and high-level engagement with the Minister of Finance, which has resulted in an increase in budget allocations for nutrition activities by 30 per cent.