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A message from the SUN Executive Committee on the SUN Strategy  (2021-2025) Development Process

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Substantial progress has been made in the development of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Strategy 3.0 (for the period 2021-2025), informed by the Mid-term Review in 2018, the Strategic Review in 2019-2020 and last year’s Global Gathering. Building on these the SUN Movement Executive Committee is leading the process to draft the strategy, maintaining a strong focus on transparency, openness and inclusiveness while also tackling the urgent need for greater pace in helping the nutrition community navigate the new COVID landscape in speaking with greater resolution, clarity, unity and authority at this critical time. This is the time when SUN is most needed, and we need to continue to show its value.

There has been a Movement-wide consultation on the Strategic Review which has also included others interested in the SUN Movement. The response, which is available on the SUN website, helped inform an intense series of discussions by the Executive Committee with networks and other stakeholders over a four-week period in April and May 2020. Key topics discussed included: country engagement and ownership, the country and global structures needed, governance and accountability and the financing, positioning and communication of SUN Movement action. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Committee discussions were carried out virtually with the full engagement of all Executive Committee members and the involvement of the SUN Movement Secretariat as well as the SUN Network facilitators.

The Executive Committee has developed a draft strategy to be shared widely for consultation. It will be circulated on 4 August 2020 for one month of consultation. Responses will help to shape a version for discussion and eventual decision by the Lead Group. The feedback received will also be made available on the SUN Movement website whilst respecting confidentiality. Once the SUN Movement 3.0 strategy is endorsed, the focus will switch to its operationalisation and implementation.

Many thanks to all SUN Movement stakeholders who have contributed to-date, and who will continue to contribute to the consultations. This is our Movement and your participation is critical so we can further transform it into one led by countries, for countries.

As the process unfolds, we will keep everyone fully informed and involved. If you have questions, queries or need any clarification at all please do feel free to reach out to us.


Tumaini Mikindo – (SUN EX-Com Vice-Chair)

Meera Shekar – (SUN Ex-Com Chair)



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