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A record-breaking 58 countries complete the 2019 Joint-Assessment

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Between April and September 2019, a record-breaking 58 SUN Movement member countries – or 95 per cent –  have completed their Joint-Assessment, the highest number in the Movement’s lifespan. In addition, Honduras, as the Movement’s newest member country, has undertaken a baseline study to ascertain the status quo of the nutrition architecture at the country level.

The Joint-Assessment, which takes place annually, is a unique feature of the SUN Movement. In 2018, 53 SUN countries undertook this important exercise, which gives the opportunity for nutrition stakeholders to come together to celebrate progress and set priorities for the period ahead. It is also seen as an important space to reflect on bottlenecks and to  identify where support is needed to realise joint goals, at the national and sub-national level.

Since the first Joint-Assessment was held in 2014, more than 80 per cent of SUN member countries have assessed their nutrition landscape and set priorities, against the strategic objectives of the Movement.

For the first time ever, SUN  member countries have completed their Joint-Assessment via a new online platform. This is an exciting step for the SUN Movement as it will improve access at the country level, ensure that results are easier to review and track and will allow for improved support of SUN countries as they complete the assessment, and beyond.

The SUN Movement Joint-Assessment – or JAA – is a key moment in the year when all in-country partners and stakeholders contributing to improved nutrition come together to assess how they are working together to scale up nutrition actions and progress towards the SUN Movement strategic objectives.

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