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Afghanistan celebrates World Breastfeeding Week 2019

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The International Breastfeeding Week was celebrated at the Sapidar Palace with the participation of H.E. Dr. Abdallah Abdullah the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and AFSeN-A stakeholders including the Minister of Public Health, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, State Minister for Disaster, Deputy Minister of Women Affairs, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, heads of ministerial departments, representatives of Development Agencies,  the United Nations, and a large number of government and non-government employees.

H.E Dr. Abdullah Abdulla the Chief Executive of the GoIRA and other speakers highlighted the importance of breastfeeding and stated that proper breastfeeding practice is the foundation for better life of our present and future generations and it must be promoted at all levels. They added that breastfeeding is the best nutrient for infant helping to prevent diseases and thus contributes to family and national economy. They further highlighted that breastfeeding is key to strengthening the emotional bond between mother and child, as well as enhancing social bonding in general.

Government officials and UN development agencies reaffirmed their commitment to providing technical and material assistance in improving breastfeeding and highlighted the need for formulating the required policies and programs implementation covering both mothers and children.

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