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An intense and valuable experience

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Photo: SUN/Maria Pizzini

Photo: SUN/Maria Pizzini

The Learning Route in Senegal has been an opportunity to share experiences and lessons learned in relation to nutrition policy with other members of the SUN Movement. The Route aimed to understand the strategies and tools promoted by Senegal to achieve impressive results in reducing chronic malnutrition from 27 to 19 percent in children under 5 years, during the last two years.

The one-week learning experience exceeded the expectations of the Peru Country Team. During the journey we had the opportunity to visit the town of Kaolack and learn about an early childhood development center, a nutrition center in the village of Gossas as well as an iodized salt production center. Also, we met with local authorities, community leaders, health workers and other relevant actors at the local level.

On our return to Dakar intense dynamics of group work with representatives of other countries, along with presentations from public sector representatives, gave us a greater understanding of the role of the various ministries involved in nutrition and their high level of coordination.

There were many lessons learned. The importance of promoting participatory processes, especially at the local level, is clear. Similarly, the high level in which all stakeholders coordinate their actions shone through. This was illustrated in the development of multi-sectoral processes and the design of policy instruments that reflect the same language and commitment between the parties. Also noteworthy is the monitoring and evaluation system, which generates timely reports and allows target interventions to the most vulnerable areas.

Accordingly, the Learning Route in Senegal was an intense and valuable experience in implementation of general public policy to improve nutrition. Networks and contacts with other stakeholders and decision makers in the participating countries were created, thus strengthening the network of global knowledge. The Learning Route in Peru will be held in August of this year, and we hope to share the various policies and interventions in our country to promote nutrition and contribute to the efforts of the member countries of the SUN Movement.

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Edgardo Sara Muelle, Peru
Director of Social Policy Planning, Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS).

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