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Bangladesh WFP Representative unpacks nutrition on national television

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On 20th January 2015, Christa Räder, the World Food Programme Representative for Bangladesh was interviewed on the national nutrition situation by renowned national broadcaster Ekkator TV on in its current affairs programme Arthosonglap.

The 20 min interview by Kazi Azizul Islam provided a comprehensive analysis of the country’s nutrition situation and provided practical calls for action for mothers caring for their children through to policy makers working to prioritize nutrition programmes.

Ms. Räder spoke in detail about the critical 1000 day window from conception to age two and the importance of good nutrition during this vital time – particularly exclusive breastfeeding. She also acknowledged the importance of collaboration across Government sectors.

The interview was supplemented by a participatory video created by the UN REACH partnership in Bangladesh and the RENEW video project, led by civil society organization Eminence. Along with significant Government efforts, such projects have helped to draw the issue of undernutrition to the attention of policymakers in the country across multiple sectors.

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