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Burkina Faso’s Common Nutrition Narrative outlines the measures taken by UN agencies to improve nutrition

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Burkina Faso has taken great strides to address malnutrition in the country, including concerted efforts to strengthen nutrition governance. Since 2015, the UN Network, through its intensive arm –REACH– has worked closely with the SUN Government Focal Point and other authorities to employ a participatory approach that has mobilized multiple sectors whose work supports nutrition outcomes.

Today, roughly eight ministries (Agriculture, Education, Health, Local Governance, National and Women’s Solidarity, Research, Social Protection, Trade and WASH) are engaged to fight malnutrition in full force. Burkina Faso is in many ways a success story. Not only has it reached a number of nutrition governance milestones, it has reduced child stunting from 35 per cent in 2010 (Demographic and Health Survey) to 21% in 2017 (National Nutrition Survey).

The Common Narrative on Nutrition in Burkina Faso joins this list of achievements and efforts to step up collective action on nutrition. The narrative is based on an analysis of the nutrition situation and the challenges faced by stakeholders in the country, drawing upon UNN-REACH analytics and insights. It outlines the measures being taken by FAO, UNFPA, UNICEF, WFP and WHO to improve nutrition and includes specific nutrition targets.

While the document is a UN Network product, it takes into account the greater SUN Movement architecture. A set of recommendations are articulated for each of the six SUN networks active in-country, including the UN Network, as well as for the SUN Government Focal Point, key ministries and decentralized government authorities, showcasing the UN’s unique multilateral role.

Officially launched in late 2018 during an event that was covered by national television and newspapers, the narrative was revised in light of those wider stakeholder discussions. The common narrative is now being widely disseminated with the hope of triggering increased partnership and investment for nutrition action in the country.

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