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Call for nominations: Executive Committee alternates

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Guided by its Strategy for 2021-2025, the SUN Movement entered its third phase this year. Ensuring that global governance mechanisms promote country leadership and enable active participation from all parts of the Movement lies at the heart of effectively implementing this phase of the Movement.

The SUN Movement Executive Committee (ExCom) has been fully refreshed to be fit for purpose, as per the Lead Group decision of 29 September. Gladys Mugambi, SUN Focal Point/Coordinator from Kenya and Connell Foley, SUN Civil Society Network representative (of Concern Worldwide), have been elected as the new Co-Chairs.

Given this, two new alternate seats must be filled, to fully complete the ExCom, through this call for nominations. All SUN Country Focal Points/Coordinators from the following member States are eligible for nomination: Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and The Gambia. Alternates are the official replacement for ExCom members and allowed to vote on their behalf.

In addition, the alternate seat of finance expert is also open, through this call for nominations. To ensure a gender balanced the Committee, the Lead group has expressed a strong preference for a female candidate.

The call for nominations for the Civil Society Network alternate will be carried out by the Network and presented to the Executive Committee for consideration. The proposed alternate from Latin America is currently nominated, pending approval.

Eligible candidates are invited to express their interest through this form and send their CV and letter of endorsement to by 29 November 2021. Draft letters of endorsement can be found here.


Executive Committee Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure.

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