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Developing a knowledge management and learning approach for the new phase of SUN

  |   SUN Secretariat

Nutrition for Development (N4D) took up the assignment to develop a KML approach for SUN 3.0 and put ‘meat on the bones’ to enable the new strategic ambitions to be operationalised. Our approach has been to consider the what, who and how of KML for SUN 3.0 and provide forward looking and practical suggestions. N4D has also developed a definition and set of principles for KML and broadly mapped existing KML provision within the SUN Movement, engaged as widely as possible in understanding country needs, capacities and processes and have scoped regional entities and, considered the roles SUN Global Support  Structures (SUN GSS) and other global entities could play to strengthen KML.N4D proposes the following definition:

Knowledge management and learning is a dynamic process for creating, curating, supporting and brokering knowledge to strengthen capabilities for scaled up services and actions in order to reduce malnutrition in all its forms.

In response to widespread calls for the SUN Movement to dramatically “up its game” in enabling countries to transform knowledge into action and nutrition impacts, the proposed KML system represents a major departure from ‘business as usual’ for KML in SUN 3.0. The SUN 3.0 KML system will ultimately empower countries to fill knowledge gaps, build capabilities to prioritise, finance, implement, track, learn from and course correct nutrition actions, and thereby directly contribute to improved nutrition outcomes.

The SUN 3.0 strategy 2021-2025, re-emphasises the centrality of ownership and leadership at country level. It encourages countries to further prioritise and scale up actions for nutrition within their existing multi-sectoral national nutrition plans. It also encourages more empowered Government Focal Points and seeks to ensure all forms of malnutrition are addressed. Knowledge management and learning (KML) is given a greater emphasis in the SUN Movement’s third phase in recognition of the need to ensure that the prioritisation, financing, scale up and tracking of actions are better informed by knowledge about what works best in different contexts.

The KML approaches thus far, have given rise to different activities which have generated knowledge and learning for different aspects of the Movement, but approaches have often been ad-hoc and, more globally driven than country led. The articulation of a core strategic objective for KML affords the opportunity to define an approach which can better serve the demands and needs of decision makers and implementers in their efforts to reduce malnutrition in all its forms.

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