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Event in New Dehli reviews the role of evolving partnerships for nutrition security

  |   SUN Business Network, SUN Lead Group and Secretariat

CII FACEOn 25 August 2015, an event titled “Swasth Bharat Sashakt Bharat – Business Models for Securing Nutritional Outcomes”, was held in New Dehli, India. The event was organised by the CII Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence (FACE) in partnership with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and reviewed the need for convergence and multi-stakeholder partnerships to overcome the delivery deficit in nutritional security.

The objective was to revisit the agenda of nutritional security and understand the role of evolving partnerships and policy imperatives in making nutrition secure India. The sessions focused on highlighting the role that the private sector is playing in ensuring nutritional security for all; understanding the role of innovative approaches such as fortification to address the challenges like micronutrient deficiency and discussing ideas for further strengthening the agri-value chain which is the basis for food as well as nutritional security.

The panel discussion ‘Business for strengthening nutrition security’ was chaired by Vinita Bali, Chair, Board of Directors, GAIN and member of the SUN Movement Lead Group. She highlighted the efforts of private sector companies like Cargill, DSM, Mother Dairy and Ruchi Soy in the arena of ensuring greater nutritional food to the consumers.

The key actionable outcomes that evolved from the session were:

  • Translate the benefits of fortified foods in a language easily understood by the consumer.
  • Options like offering nutri-mixes etc can be explored.
  • Fortification of Mid Day Meal / grain under PDS to expand outreach to the low income groups.
  • Strengthening the delivery mechanism.

Learn more about the event Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence and India Food Banking

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