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Expo Milano 2015 and the Zero Hunger Challenge

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EXPO LogoFrom 1st May 2015 – 31st October 2015, Expo Milano 2015 will be held Milan, Italy. The Universal Exhibition will showcase achievements that societies have made and share new technologies as well as promote creativity and engagement at a global level.

By following the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, over 140 participating countries will showcase their commitment to creating sustainable ways of producing and delivering food across the globe. Over the six-month period, the exposition aims to increase visitors’ awareness of and seek their participation in the drive for:

  • the right to food that is healthy, safe and sufficient
  • the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the food chain
  • the preservation of taste and of food culture

Learn more: Expo Milano 2015

The Urban Food Policy Pact

The Urban Food Policy Pact (UFPP) is an international protocol which engages cities across the world for the development of food systems, based on the principles of sustainability and social justice. The UFPP will address the potential of cities to contribute to food security through urban agriculture. The UFPP will be signed by Mayors on 16th October 2015, at Expo on the occasion of World Food Day.

Learn more: Urban Food Policy Pact

Update 21st July 2015: 46 cities have committed to signing the Urban Food Policy Pact

Abidjan | Almere | Amsterdam | Athens | Barcelona | Basel | Beijing | Belo Horizonte | Bilbao | Bogota | Brazzaville | Bruges | Chicago | Curitiba | Daegu | Dakar | Frankfurt | Geneva | Ghent | Gothenburg | Grenoble | Hanoi | Hebron | Lyon | London | Lugano | Maputo | Marseille | Medellin | Melbourne | Mexico City | Milan | Montpellier | Moscow | New York | Niamey | Paris | Rome | Sao Paulo | Shanghai | Tel Aviv | Turin | Toronto | Toyama | Vancouver | Windhoek See the list

The Milan Charter

The Milan Charter is also known as Expo Milano 2015’s legacy.  It is addressed to the citizens, institutions, businesses, associations and countries that are endorsing it. It is available online in 20 languages, where it can be signed by citizens of the world. The Charter will be delivered personally to the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, on 16th October 2015, at Expo on the occasion of World Food Day.

Read it, sign it and share it | The Milan Charter

The Children’s Milan Charter is a special junior version tailor-made for children aged between 5 and 13 years. It uses simple language and is accompanied by colorful drawings. The junior version promotes that children should be aware of their own health, the health of the planet, the value of natural resources and of the need to respect nature and diversity in all its forms. Learn more: The Children’s Milan Charter

The Milan Protocol is an initiative launched in 2013 at the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) Forum. The BCFN Foundation collected opinions of institutions, companies and international experts in the lead up to Expo and supporters became part of a civil society movement to address the challenges of food and nutrition. The Milan Protocol was an inspiration for the creation of the Milan Charter and now, the BCFN is urging the 100 organisations and 15,000 citizens who signed the Milan Protocol online, to give their full support to the Milan Charter.

Learn more: Milan Protcol. Watch a video featuring Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director World Food Programme and member of the SUN Movement Lead Group – PROTOCOLLO DI MILANO


UN EXPO LOGOThe United Nations (UN) is also participating in Expo Milano 2015 under the theme, “The Zero Hunger Challenge. United for a Sustainable World.” The Zero Hunger Challenge is a call-to-action, based on the wish of the UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon to encourage decision makers to focus their attention on hunger, nutrition and sustainable agriculture. An integral part of the Zero Hunger Challenge, the issue of women’s empowerment and gender equality, will be a key focus area for the UN at Expo Milano 2015.

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