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FAO launches $72 Million agricultural programme in Sudan

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On 24 July 2017, the government of Sudan signed a four-year $72 million agricultural programme with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Credit: FAO Near East and North Africa

Goals of the 2017-2020 Country Programming Framework (CPF):

  • Enabling policy and the Institutional Environment for Food Security and Nutrition
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management
  • Disaster Risk Management and Resilience Building

The CPF represents the commitment of FAO in assisting the Government in its efforts to achieve national development objectives and to achieve food and nutrition security for the population,”

Dr Abdellatif Ujeimi, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry for Sudan, said at the signing ceremony.

Agriculture is the most important economic sector in Sudan, accounting for nearly one-third of the country’s National Gross Domestic Product. Around two-thirds of the population live off of agriculture, with about 80 percent of the local labour force gaining jobs through this sector. The CPF aims to support the development of Sudan’s agricultural sector, including raising income and employment, enhancing food security and poverty reduction, increasing agricultural exports and adding linkages between agriculture and other key economic sectors.

Programme alignment

The CPF is aligned with Sudan’s national development objectives, which are articulated in its Quarter Centurial Development Strategy, National Development Plan, Comprehensive Food Security Policy and National Agriculture Investment Plan, in addition to FAO’s global and regional objectives.

As part of the CPF’s priority areas, FAO will work in close collaboration with the Sudanese Government to enhance the design and implementation of policies and the development of programmes to improve agriculture, livestock, forestry and fisheries, and to ensure food security and nutrition for all.

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