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FAO supports Tajikistan in scaling up data for information systems

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In October 2014, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) shared results from a data collection and analysis pilot project with the Government of Tajikistan. Given the success of the project, FAO has been requested by Tajikistan’s Agency of Statistics to provide further assistance by  training locals in the country.

After joining the Movement in 2013, the Government of Tajikistan prioritised setting up adequate information systems to understand and monitor the quality and diversity of peoples diets. Strong information systems allow national authorities to plan, design and appropriate programmes to effectively address the root causes of malnutrition in the country. With FAO’s technical support and funding from the European Union, Tajikistan’s Agency of Statistics and Ministry of Health implemented a dietary assessment pilot survey in the Khatlon region, under the project “Strengthening of the National food security information system in Tajikistan”. The objective was to produce data informing the Agency on the variety and quality of local diets, with respect to World Health Organization recommendations.

Members of the Agency of Statistics in the region of Khatlon were trained in the collection and analysis of Women’s Dietary Diversity Score (WDDS) data, and assisted in conducting a local pilot survey. The WDDS is a qualitative global nutrition indicator which counts the number of food groups consumed by a person over the 24 hours preceding the test.  Given the response of the training, Tajikistan will now integrate this nutrition element into the Household Budget Survey.

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