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Integrated health networks work to overcome anaemia and chronic child malnutrition in Peru

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Implementation of the Integrated Health Networks (RIS) and strengthening primary care establishments will help provide a timely and efficient response to the needs of the public, to beat anaemia and chronic child malnutrition, said Diego Venegas Ojeda, Deputy Minister for Health Services and Assurance.

He added that the Ministry of Health would use the RIS to implement the pillars of the Alma-Ata Declaration, which set out the importance and urgency of improving primary health care as a strategy to improve the quality of health in nations.

“This is why we are refurbishing 198 health establishments in metropolitan Lima and are implementing a single computer system for electronic health records, on-line appointments and the simplification of administration to make the bureaucracy of health care more efficient, thus allowing medical staff more time for patient care. It will also reduce corrupt practices and facilitate accountability, he concluded.”


He said that the Health ministry is using technology to provide remote health care using the National Remote Health Care Network. “To date, we have 180 interconnected health care facilities in the 25 regions of the country. This is the largest remote health care network in Latin America”

Deputy Minister Venegas Ojeda added that in recent years, the focus has been on specialist rather than on primary care, which has led to hospitals being overwhelmed, with staff shortages and demands for greater spending on infrastructure and equipment.

He said that given this situation, the launch of the RIS meant that primary health care centres would be offering the public timely and efficient care that would reduce referrals to specialist units and would thus make the health system more efficient and less expensive.

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