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Let’s celebrate our progress and set new priorities with the 2019 SUN Joint-Assessment

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Celebrating #30DaysofSUN and the launch of the new online Joint-Assessment tool!

Credit: UNICEF/Syed Altaf Ahmad

On 1 May, the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) Movement will launch the 2019 Joint-Assessment (JAA). Each year, the JAA is an exciting moment for the Movement, as it brings together in-country partners and stakeholders to reflect on progress made towards SUN’s strategic objectives to scale up nutrition.

This year the SUN Movement is proud to be taking the JAA online!

For the first time ever, SUN  member countries will be able to complete their Joint-Assessment via a new online platform. This is an exciting step for the SUN Movement as it will improve access at the country level, ensure that results are easier to review and track and will allow for improved support of SUN countries as they complete the assessment, and beyond.

So why is it important?

At the country level, the JAA encourages SUN countries to take stock of major achievements, reflect on challenges and opportunities, and identify priorities for the coming year. The JAA is also an important moment for countries to foster discussions, to catalyse collaboration and stimulate engagement from key partners for the year ahead.

Globally, the JAA is the key moment to track progress and demonstrate added value of the SUN Movement and importantly generating political and financial support for multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral action for nutrition.

A true SUN celebration!

Over the last 30 days, the SUN Movement has celebrated #30DaysofSUN reflecting on how SUN countries benefited from participation in the 2018 Joint-Assessment. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what was said….

In Somalia, ground-breaking strides were made with their 2018 Joint-Assessment! It brought together Somaliland – for the first time – and Puntland representatives and is a great example of multi-stakeholder and sectoral action for nutrition.


In the, Philippines, the 2018 Joint-Assessment was a meaningful opportunity for sectors to gain a deeper understanding of SUN. In Gabon, the 2018 Joint-Assessment showcased SUN’s recipe for success by bringing many stakeholders together for a lively debate which helps drive progress.


In Kyrgyzstan, the 2018 Joint-Assessment was a vital moment to bring people around the table for focused and   substantive discussions on nutrition progress.

Bringing people together is a JAA recipe for success!

It is important that stakeholders work together to effectively scale up nutrition. The same goes for the JAA!  We know that the more stakeholders that participate in the JAA, the richer the outcomes and more successful the event can be. This is a moment to celebrate progress and mobilise more actors to engage in joint action for nutrition.


Good luck to each and every SUN country who will participate in the 2019 Joint Assessment – we will see you online from 1 May!

Share your country’s 2019 Joint-Assessment online using: #SUNassessment19


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