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Malawi’s Minister of Health supports a local business to launch a new complementary food product

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valid-nutritionOn 18 November 2016, VALID Nutition, a member of the SUN Business Network, launched a new Ready-to-Use Complementary Food (RUCF) in Lilongwe, Malawi. The product was formally launched by Dr. Peter Kumpalume, MP and Minister for Health, Malawi. The RUCF,  also known as Small Quantity Lipid-based Nutrient Supplement (LNS-SQ), is approved by the Malawi Bureau of Standards and conforms fully to UNICEF specifications and standards for LNS-SQ (S0000245 Fortified spread, sachet 20g/CAR-546).

Beginning with the launch, VALID Nutrition hopes to extend the access of effective, appealing and affordable nutrition to consumers in Malawi and beyond. The product line will help raise awareness on the availability of this type of product in the country, thanks to support from USAID’s Southern Africa Trade Hub (SATH). This is in addition to the demand generated for agricultural produce, especially ground-nuts, to the benefit of small holder farmers and for the wellbeing of the overall consumers..

We are strong supporters of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement and this new product which I am launching today will, I am confident, play an important role in prevention of chronic malnutrition, or stunting which it is often called, which takes such a big toll on an individual and society over a lifetime. This is something that the private and business sector needs to work with us on, because it is not reasonable or feasible for Government and public sector alone to address. Valid Nutrition’s Social Enterprise model, whereby they source and manufacture locally, is one we very much admire. Not only does it contribute to economic development and avoid the need to import, but thanks to the innovative approach, the company has also got potential for export – especially with this product (RUCF) which is not widely available on our continent.”

Dr. Peter Kumpalume, MP and Minister for Health, Malawi

Read more about VALID Nutrition and the launch at the SUN Business Network website

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