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Mapping of nutrition actors and actions in Togo with the support of the United Nations network

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As part of the support activities to member countries of the SUN movement, on 25 February, the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene organized a meeting with the United Nations Network Secretariat to discuss the process for mapping nutrition actors and actions  in Lomé.

Representatives from the Ministries of Planning, Finance and Health; different UN agencies; NGOs working on nutrition; the World Bank; and German cooperation  all took part in the meeting as members of the multisectoral nutrition platform. In their presentation, the UN Network Secretariat’s nutrition experts  described the background to the mapping, how the mapping can be used, and gave examples of outcomes in other countries.

The aim of the mapping is to enable ministries involved in nutrition to: “ Better understand who the partners are, what they do and where; identify gaps in geographical and/or demographic cover;  and help planning and scaling-up of nutrition actions “. The mapping should also enable the technical and financial partners to: “ Identify areas in need of greater support; identify actions needing improvement and where; and improve coordination between organizations working in the same geographical areas and on the same actions “.

During the ensuing discussions, the participants noted the difference this mapping would make to combating malnutrition in Togo and the support that would be required of the different technical and financial partners to ensure the project’s feasibility.  They raised a number of practical issues with regard to budget and the time needed to produce the mapping.

The multisectoral platform participants present expressed their interest in obtaining this mapping in order to prioritize specific nutrition-sensitive actions in the implementation plan for Togo’s Strategic Nutrition Plan and its budgeting. They have promised to consult in order to decide the follow-up to be given to the project.

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