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Nepal Nutrition Foundation Meeting: “SUN Movement with Food for Everyone”

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The SUN Movement in Nepal, led by the Nepal Nutrition Foundation (NNF) recently organized an interaction meeting in Kathmandu, involving nutritionists, medical doctors, and other professionals.

The theme of the interaction program was “SUN Movement with Food for Everyone.” The Chairperson of NNF, Dr. Uma Koirala, expressed the relevancy of SUN in Nepal, and then Member Secretary of the National Planning Commission Dr. Yubaraj Bhusal highlighted the efforts done by the government of Nepal in the nutrition sector with changing the behaviour of the Nepalese people in food intake, and its accessibility and affordability.

The meeting successfully gave the message of nutrition interventions that were introduced from different government and non-government agencies. Further, it could create awareness of the civil society in respect to the concepts of SUN. The interaction was fruitful, raising interest and commitment from all participants to further contributions related to nutrition in Nepal. Highly recommended was to continue the establishment of such gatherings/interactions in the future, to strengthen the SUN movement’s objectives.

Global Day of Action

In the run up to the Nutrition for Growth: Beating Hunger through Business and Science meeting on the 8th June, SUN Civil Society Alliances have take part in campaign actions around the world.

These actions highlighted to political leaders the importance of investing in nutrition, and were part of efforts happening all around the world as part of the Global Day of Action,

Scaling up Nutrition Civil Society Alliances led campaign efforts in Bangladesh, Ghana, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia – holding round tables with politicians, public rallies, concerts and debates – all with the aim of asking their own national governments to do what’s necessary to tackle hunger and malnutrition. READ MORE ▶

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