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New SUN Movement Pooled Fund website

  |   SUN Civil Society Network, SUN Secretariat

The SUN Movement Pooled Fund is very excited to finally release its brand-new website!

Available at and full of information structured in four overarching themes, the website brings everything about the SUN Movement Pooled Fund together in one place.

In the About section, you will find all the background information of the SUN Movement Pooled Fund. Whether you are interested in our history, who is funding us or simply who the people are behind the program, this section will provide you with answers. It also explains how we are governed and how these bodies make decisions, as meeting minutes are available as well in the About section.

Grants is the section for all our great grantees! Organised by funding Window and Cycle, this is the place to look up important documents and get information about what other grants are doing. Want to download the latest version of your budget narrative? The grants section is where you can find all important materials related to grants.

Progress and Impact is where we are showcasing the added-value and impact of the SUN Movement Pooled Fund since the first allocation of grants in 2017. In this section, you can see how the Pooled Fund has contributed to advancing the SUN Strategy and Roadmap, how we are supporting the way towards gender parity, our approach towards accountability and how we track progress of the Pooled Fund grants. This also entails all our reports.

Remember the latest #learning4nutrition session? Knowledge exchange between grantees is one of the key pillars of the Pooled Fund and all information, materials and resources can be found in the Progress and Impact section under Strengthening Capacities.

The last section of the new SUN Movement Pooled Fund website is showcasing our Stories. Or better, the stories that have been written about the achievements of our grantees, with lots of space left to fill! If you have ideas or projects you would like to see featured here, contact us!

And remember, this is your website. We love to hear your thoughts and comments as well as ideas how to showcase your continuing achievements. With this new website, we are excited to move together towards SUN 3.0 and a future SUN Movement Pooled Fund.

Access it now at

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