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New Tool | Analysing the common results framework

  |   SUN Lead Group and Secretariat

CRFOn 12th June 2015, the SUN Movement Common Results Framework Planning Tool (CRF Tool) was launched. The CRF Tool allows anyone interested, to explore plans and better understand the range of outcomes and actions included in national plans for nutrition. The CRF tool supports the strategic objectives of the SUN Movement as the first of five actions that aid in the mobilisation of resources. These include:

  • Analysing the cost of scaling up nutrition
  • Aligning investments behind country plans
  • Tracking domestic and external resources for nutrition
  • Establishing the financing gap
  • Mobilising resources for nutrition from within and outside SUN countries and demonstrating results from this collective effort

By analysing the cost of scaling up nutrition, countries are better able to mobilise resources directed to coherent, aligned and country led approaches. Classification and costing helps governments and partners better assess and compare needs with existing resources.

The plans in the CRF TOOL have been identified by the SUN Country as the Common Results Framework (CRF) by which efforts of all stakeholders in the country are aligned. The classification of each costed line item was completed by MQSUN, a consortium of technical experts funded by the Department for International Development (DFID).

Each item is classified across three broad categories:

  • Nutrition-Sensitive
  • Nutrition-Specific
  • Nutrition-Governance

Everyone is invited to provide feedback about version 1.0 of the CRF Tool via a feedback form below found on the home page of the CRF Tool.

Click here to learn more about analysing the cost of scaling up nutrition and to access the CRF Tool

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