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Nutrition awareness spikes with phase two of Pakistan’s civil society campaign

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15129592_697839230393003_462418946243914045_oFrom 20 to 22 November 2016, the Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance in Pakistan (SUNCSA-Pak) launched the second phase of their #InvestInNutrition campaign with support from the Micronutrient Initiative. The campaign built on the success of the first phase of the campaign which was held in October to coincide with World Food Day and this second phase coincided with Universal Children’s Day. During this second phase, the alliance encouraged members of the community to take photos/selfies along with the hashtag #InvestInNutrition to generate awareness of the impact that malnutrition has on communities.

An Urdu TV talk-show “Investing in Nutrition; Investing in Future” was produced for the campaign and aired on the first day of the campaign on Capital TV. The campaign also broke down figures of stunting by province to better localise messages needed to relevant policy makers, highlighting that the prevalence of stunting and wasting is highest in Sindh and Balochistan(50% and 52%, respectively), where the situation has worsened since 2001 and the largest number of affected children live in Punjab (Source: NNS 2011).

international-childrens-dayA newspaper feature focused on children rights, with articles from four high level policy makers, helped push the issue of nutrition further into the spotlight and in addition, 250,000 people received text messages about the importance of nutrition.

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