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2017 Nutrition Champion blogs

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Each SUN Movement Nutrition Champion contributes to an increasingly global group of nutrition champions who are galvanizing political attention toward improving nutrition. As champions from all different levels, their advocacy not only benefits their own nations, but their efforts have inspired other countries that are part of the Movement.

Hon. Osmonbek Artykbaev

“Let us learn from each other
and inspire each other!”


Feno Velotahiana

“Malnutrition is caused by multiple social problems, diversified action will be the driver behind successful advocacy”

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Prof. Dr. Geeta Bhakta Joshi

“Good nutrition during the first 1000 days is the wisest investment during the whole life of a human being”


Ana Josefa Blanco Noyola

“Guaranteeing the right to good nutrition, and achieving food and nutrition security and sovereignty, is about advocating for people themselves and their right to life”


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