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Nutrition initiative launched by Civil Society in Guinea

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AVODER-300x180On 6 January 2016, the civil society alliance for nutrition in Guinea Conakry, Conseil National des Organisations de la Société Civile Guinéene (CNOSCG) launched an awareness raising initiative for nutrition. The mayor of the Kaloum, a District of Conakry, attended as a guest speaker.

The initiative is funded by UNICEF (as part of the multi-partner trust fund for the SUN Movement) and led by the international civil society organisation Terre des Hommes which focuses on mothers to improve child nutrition.

In Guinea Conkary, the initiative will be piloted by the local civil society group l’Association des volontaires pour le Développment Rural (AVODER) which operates in Conakry.

“Since joining the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement to strengthen nutrition with support from developed countries, we were brought together to fight malnutrition. Kaloum, District of Conakry was chosen as the area to start with this awareness initiative so that everyone understands what malnutrition is and what its impact is. If we do not correct it soon, there will come a time when Guineans will not have a driving force to think about development. Growth will therefore decrease,” – Oumar Diallo, Président, AVODER.

The initiative recognises that women have an important role in sharing key nutrition messages which complements nutrition messages amplified through various media channels. The President of the CNOSCG, Dansa Kourouma, believes that partnership with media and communities is key to improving nutrition.

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