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Official nomination of the first lady of the Republic of Guinea as ambassador of nutrition

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Family photograph with the honorary award (photo UNDP)

Family photograph with the honorary award (photo UNDP)

On 21 September 2016, the Ministry of Health, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and all of the nutrition partners held a ceremony for the official bestowal of the title of Ambassador for Nutrition upon H.E Mrs Djené Kaba Condé, first lady of the Republic of Guinea. The title, symbolically engraved on a marble plaque, was solemnly handed over by Mrs Séraphine Wakana, Coordinator of the United Nations System in Guinea.

This ceremony was coupled with the closure of this year’s World Breastfeeding Week, the theme of which was ‘Breastfeeding in relation to sustainability’. The ceremony was also marked by the projection of TV films made to raise awareness of nutrition issues. The first lady was accompanied to the podium by Mrs Séraphine Wakana,Coordinator of the United Nations System, Mr Marc Robin, representative of UNICEF, Mrs Marie Jeanne Kampire, representative of the World Health Organization representative and Dr Fanta Kaba, representative of the Minister of Health. Special guests, notably included a number of ambassadors of friendly countries, the wives of the Prime Minister and members of the government, and female parliamentarians. Women’s associations and networks, representatives of civil society and nutrition players were also strongly mobilized for the occasion.
This ceremony was also marked by three major presentations: A study on breastfeeding in Guinea, carried out by the Institut de Nutrition et de la Santé de l’Enfant (Institute of child nutrition and health – INSE); the nutritional situation in Guinea by the Division Alimentation Nutrition (Food and nutrition division – DAN) of the Ministry of Health; a presentation on the SUN movement and the importance of the SUN Ambassadors and Champions by UNICEF Guinea.

Official nomination, (Photo UNDP)

Official nomination, (Photo UNDP)

The high point of the ceremony was the official nomination of the first lady of the republic as ambassador of nutrition for Guinea by the resident coordinator of the United Nations system. Next, around twenty honorary awards signed by the first lady, ambassador of nutrition, were presented to the NGOs and institutions that had distinguished themselves this year in the field of nutrition.
The ceremony closed with a strong commitment from the premier to play her role fully.

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