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Pakistan proudly kicks off the 2019 Joint-Annual Assessment for the Scaling up Nutrition Movement!

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Members of the SUN Movement launch the SUN 2019 Joint-Assessment in Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan is the first SUN Movement country to conduct the Joint Assessment in 2019!

The assessment was launched at the 6th Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Joint-Assessment Workshop held on April 26 in Islamabad, Pakistan. The event saw key stakeholders come together to review progress, reflect on challenges and opportunities and to catalyze collaboration and engagement around nutrition.

The event was a true reflection of the SUN Movement multi-sectoral approach, bringing together a wide variety of actors from across the nutrition landscape.

More than 80 representatives from the SUN government network, SUN donor network, SUN civil society alliance, United Nations network, SUN Business network, and SUN academia and research, came together to partake in animated discussions on scaling up nutrition in Pakistan. Following the event, a core team will now be responsible for compiling the information and completing the Joint Annual Assessment (JAA) online.

Mr Aslam Shaheen, the SUN Focal Person and Chief Nutrition at the Ministry of Planning and Development and Reform (MDPR)/Planning Comission, welcomed guests and invited them to engage openly on the challenges and opportunities for improving nutrition across the country.

Dr Sania Nishtar, a Pakistani cardiologist, member of the SUN Lead Group, chair of BISP, co-chair of the WHO High Level Global Commission on NCDs, chair of the United Nations University Institute of Global Health and now special advisor on nutrition to the Prime Minister, addressed the ceremony reinforcing the message that malnutrition is a priority of the Prime Minister’s.

Launch of the SUN 2019 Joint-Assessment in Pakistan

In her remarks, Dr Nishtar, reflected on the how nutrition is one of the Governments priorities and highlighted that nutrition is a complex issue with wasting, stunting, micronutrient deficiencies and obesity all present in Pakistan and needing a coordinated approach. Dr Nishtar noted that the well-established SUN movement provides the ideal coordination system to effectively tackle malnutrition from all angles and sectors.

Dr Nausheen Hamid, the Federal Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of National Health Services also delivered remarks of appreciation for the Governments role in reducing malnutrition and stunting via the SUN Movement’s multi-sectoral approach.

The SUN Movement in Pakistan also took their nutrition story online with the launch of a new website to keep members up to date and engaged. The website tells the story of Pakistan’s approach to nutrition and will act as an online tool for engaging the large number of actors who are actively working to improve nutrition in the country. Visit the site here:

What is the 2019 Joint Assessment?

On 1 May, the Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) Movement launched the 2019 Joint-Assessment (JAA). Each year, the JAA is an exciting moment for the SUN Movement, as it brings together in-country partners and stakeholders to reflect on progress made towards SUN’s strategic objectives to scale up nutrition.

Congratulations to Pakistan for getting 2019 off to such a great start and we send good wishes to all SUN member countries as they participate in the JAA between now and 1 August.


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