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Preparing for SUN Movement 3.0, a message from the Executive Committee

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Dear Friends of the SUN Movement,

SUN Executive Committee meeting during the SUNGG19

In April 2020, the final report of the Strategic Review of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, 2019-2020, was released. As you are aware, this strategic review process that started in late 2019 built on the findings from the 2018 Mid-Term Review, and  received extensive inputs from over 200 individuals across the SUN movement. We would like to thank all SUN Movement stakeholders who shared their views and experiences with the Strategic Review Team. Since then, the draft report has been shared widely and it has benefited tremendously from feedback from a Movement-wide consultation in February and March 2020 including inputs from several regional discussions led by SUN Government Focal Points, the SUN Networks, the SUN Movement Secretariat, as well as partners and individuals across the Movement.

Based on all the background work that has been done over the last 2+ years, we have moved now to the next step in shaping and preparing for the third phase of the SUN Movement (2021-2025). The strategy development process for SUN 3.0  aims to bring together the findings and feedback from the SUN Movement 2015 Independent Comprehensive Evaluation, the 2018 Mid-Term Review and the 2019 Strategic Review.  While the planned SUN Ex-com retreat had to be cancelled, over the past month, Executive Committee members have been engaged in intensive virtual consultations and discussions every week on how all of these inputs inform the way forward for phase three.

In view of the COVID-19 crisis, there is now additional urgency to demonstrate the vital importance of nutrition and the relevance of the SUN Movement. The Executive Committee is taking full responsibility for writing and preparing the draft SUN Movement Strategy 3.0, with inputs from the networks and the SUN Movement Secretariat.

The Executive Committee will share a preliminary draft strategy in late June 2020 with the wider SUN Movement community for the next round of feedback and comments in order to ensure that the plans for phase three are as practical and relevant as possible. We also plan to share it with the Lead Group for their feedback. The Executive Committee will then refine the draft strategy in light of these contributions and submit it to the Lead Group for their approval in September 2020.

All of these interim documents, as well as the timeline will be shared/updated regularly on the Strategic Review website. We look forward to working with all of you on this critical exercise. If you have any questions/clarifications, please do feel free to reach out to us.



Meera Shekar,
Chair of the SUN Movement Executive Committee

Tumaini Mikindo,
Vice Chair of the SUN Movement Executive Committee



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