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SUN Countries gather in Latin America to share ongoing tracking systems for nutrition at a budget analysis workshop

  |   SUN Country Network, SUN Lead Group and Secretariat

150428_Latin American Costing Workshop

On 28 to 30 April 2015, participants from 4 SUN countries met in Guatemala to accelerate efforts in budget analysis for nutrition.

This was part of a series of four regional workshops that aim to help policy makers prioritise, plan and make informed decisions on resource allocation for nutrition in national budgets.

Delegations came from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru. Participants included government representatives from planning, health and finance sectors and multiple stakeholder groups including the United Nations, Private Sector, Civil Society and Donor organisations.

SUN Countries had the opportunity to present their country contexts and budget analysis and have dialogue with others across the Movement in an effort to build their county investment cases for nutrition. Participants reviewed the allocations that had been identified across key ministries and worked to classify them into nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive categories.

The need for strong, well informed advocacy was brought to the forefront with a facilitated panel discussion on day two which aimed to connect the technical with the political ambitions of the exercise.

Powerful quotes captured during the workshop

  • “Maximize the opportunities of large-scale programs by increasing the nutrition-sensitivity of investments in key sectors such as public health, agriculture, protection social and education” – Stefano Fedele, Regional Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF – Latin America & Caribbean Regional Office (LACRO)
  • “Results based programming is essential for cost-effective investment in nutrition” – Daysi De Marquez, Executive Director CONASAN, SUN Focal Point, El Salvador
  • “Having joint communication sessions with communities are key to assess the outcomes of interventions” – María Rosa Boggio Carrillo de Iguiñiz Asesora, Advisor to the Roundtable for the Fight against Poverty (MCLCP), Peru

Patrizia Fracassi, from the SUN Movement Secretariat, gave the following presentation to summarise the conclusions from the workshop and recommendations for next steps.

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